Why Ventilation Matters: The Science behind Airy Comfort in Bell Tents

One of the major downsides of camping is the un-breathability of most camping tents which makes the latter hot and uncomfortable and ultimately ruins an otherwise fun camping experience.

But not boho bell tents!

Bell Tents are preferred for their breathable material, which supports good ventilation when camping. The science behind ventilation is such that oxygen and fresh air come into the tent unrestricted while condensation is drawn out of the tent. Without the adequacy of this process, your camping trip will be unsafe and uncomfortable.

Therefore, look at these tips on how you can achieve adequate ventilation in your Boho Bell Tent for a healthy and comfortable camping experience and why ventilation is important:

How to Achieve Ventilation for Airy Comfort in Bell Tents

Open windows and Doors

Opening the windows and doors of your tent is the most common way of dealing with condensation and promoting good ventilation. This way, humid air is not trapped in the tent, leading to a stuffy and suffocating tent.

Invest in a ventilation system

A mechanised or manual ventilation system which does all the work of keeping your tent airy and fresh is a great option to maintain proper airflow in your bell tent. Such systems come attachable to tents or come already built-in in the tent.

Get a ventilation-friendly bell tent

What is ventilation in a tent if the makeup of the tent opposes ventilation? Get a breathable bell tent to support a good ventilation process. Experts advise single-walled tents during colder climates and double-walled tents in more humid climates. Also, the bigger the tent, the better the chances of proper airflow and interaction.

Do all cooking outside the tent

Cooking and boiling in your tent without proper ventilation will not only encourage indoor condensation and keep your tent hot and unbearable but also constitute a fire hazard. Go camping with a portable stove or gas cooker to aid mobile cooking and boiling outside of your tent. However, if camping in the snow, the heat from your camp stove may be necessary to keep your tent warm.

Try a Dehumidifier

If, after doing all of the above to get proper ventilation in your bell tent, you are not satisfied with the results, perhaps a dehumidifier will do the trick of balancing airflow in and out of your tent. It works to keep your tent dry and airy by reducing your tent’s high internal humidity.

Pro Tip: where you pitch your boho bell tent also contributes to how well-ventilated it will be. Pitching at a swampy campsite or a spot with a depression in the ground, which facilitates the collection of damp air, will result in condensation in your tent. Therefore, go for campsites with dry and levelled grounds and pitch your tent facing the direction of the wind.

Final Thoughts

Many things go into having a worthwhile camping experience. From the type of tent, campsite and camp accessories and essentials to proper ventilation and reduced condensation, they all work towards creating a conducive and comfortable camping trip.

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