Why is it a good idea to have an intro in your video

Do you want to attract more viewers and improve the quality of your videos? Then you should consider using an intro generator to create intros for your videos.

Luckily, in this article, we’ll show you how to attract and engage with a wider audience by using Flixier’s online intro maker. So keep reading if you want to learn how to make your videos stand out!

Why Should You Include an Intro in Your Videos?

Including an introduction in your videos offers many benefits. Firstly, the intro is often the thing that catches the attention of viewers when they decide which video to watch. It can feature visuals, memorable music or an engaging opening statement. Once you have piqued your audience’s interest, the intro can also provide a sneak peek of what’s to come building curiosity and keeping them engaged for longer. Essentially, an intro acts as a trailer for the video they’re about to watch.

Moreover, using an intro generator ensures that your content has a polished appearance. In fact, a crafted intro not only enhances the professional look of your video but also helps establish brand recognition among your viewers. That’s because, in your intro, you can think about incorporating elements such as logos.

Lastly, intros often play a role in determining how videos rank in search results or get recommended frequently. The thumbnail and intro of a video significantly influence whether viewers click on it while scrolling or searching on platforms like Google or YouTube. These platforms take these factors into consideration when determining visibility and ranking.

Overall, including an introduction in your videos brings advantages. Catching attention enhancing professionalism establishing brand identity and optimizing visibility, in search results and recommendations. This implies that having an introduction can increase the likelihood of viewers clicking on and watching your video for a longer period. As a result, your video will have a higher ranking and attract more people when they search for related subjects.

How to Add an Intro to Your Videos with Flixier

Now that you understand the importance of adding an introduction to your videos, let’s dive into the process of creating one using Flixier’s online intro maker.

To include an introduction in your videos using Flixier you have to follow these steps.

1. Set up Your Intro

Begin by creating a project on Flixier. Choose the aspect ratio (portrait or landscape) for your project and then, select the background color for your intro. Now, you’re ready to get started.

2. Create Your Intro

Now, start by adding an overlay and adjusting its color to align with your brand. Next, incorporate a motion title that will serve as the text introduction for your video.

However, at the beginning, video creation can be challenging. That’s why Flixier offers a free intro maker that allows you to create intros without spending any money! You have the freedom to customize and utilize these intros in as many videos as you desire, since most of the features available in the free version are identical to those in the paid version.

3. Last Touch to Your Intro

Finally, if you want to you can go on and customize your intro by including images and logos or use transitions to make it more interesting. On top of that, Flixier’s online tool lets you alter text, fonts, and font attributes in the text editor and also upload your own custom font so that you can personalize your video and differentiate it from the competition.

After editing your intro the way you want to, you can decide to either continue creating a full video using Flixier after your intro is finished or download it to your computer.

Start Adding Intros to Your Video!

In conclusion, using an online intro maker can represent a powerful tool for your content. It ensures that your videos stand out, reach a wider audience and that you can create content that is recognizable and unique.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge and the tools, it’s time to put your skills to use. The only thing that is left for you is to start working on creating intros and put your creativity to work!

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