Unraveling Chaos: The Luton Riot and its Impact on Society

The 1985 Luton riot was a significant incident that occurred during an English football match. At 1xBet you can wager on football matches and also try its excellent Crash game, which can greatly reward you.

The riot took place on May 13, 1985, during the Football League First Division fixture between Luton Town and Millwall at Kenilworth Road, Luton. Matches between those teams were known for their heated rivalry and tensions between the two sets of supporters. The game itself was a fiercely contested affair, characterized by aggressive play and confrontations on the pitch. However, the incident that led to the riot occurred after the final whistle. Before other Luton Town matches are played, try the game Crash that 1xBet offers for all its members.

Absolute madness

The game concluded in a 1-0 victory for Luton Town, with the only goal of the game being scored by Brian Stein. However, before the match, tensions were already being brewed. An unusually large number of visiting fans of Millwall arrived at the stadium. Police were unable to control the crowd, and they began to break the turnstiles and force their entry into Kenilworth Road. While waiting for the next Premier League match, the Rocket money game on 1xBet can be played, which offers excellent rewards.

Once the match ended, the field was invited by all fans, while the players desperately ran to the dressing rooms. The offenders left the stadium and began to cause chaos all across the city of Luton. This left more than 80 people injured, and the fact that nobody died can be considered a miracle.

The severity of the incident brought a lot of consequences for Luton Town. They included things such as:

  • being expelled from the 1986-87 season of the League Cup;
  • the squad banned away fans on its home games for 4 seasons;
  • and from that point on, Luton Town fans who wanted to attend the home matches of the team needed to identify themselves.

At the 1xBet website, you can also wager on all matches played by Luton Town and Millwall. However, the visiting team didn’t escape unscathed from these punishments. The FA created an inquiry to investigate the incident even further. They initially fined Millwall £7,500, but this was later retracted after the team appealed. The FA came as far as to call Millwall “synonymous with everything that was bad in football and society”.

Needless to say, many other English teams weren’t too happy about welcoming Millwall fans to their home stadiums at the time. In fact, the Chairman of Chelsea at the time, Ken Bates, suggested that he would install electric fences at Stamford Bridge if Millwall had to visit them.


The 1985 Luton riot remains a dark and haunting chapter in the history of English football. It serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of unchecked hooliganism and the volatile nature of football rivalries. The events of that fateful day at Kenilworth Road shook the footballing community and led to significant repercussions for both Luton Town and Millwall.

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