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The world of sports betting is so wide that you can find a winning strategy yourself in the long run. However, we are talking about professional sports, so you should try to prepare for each match individually when you have a profile on There is a tab on the website or on the official mobile app for sports categories, and it will be beneficial for you to concentrate on only one sport. Soccer is most often chosen as the most popular and relatively easy sport to get into.

You can try to guess only the victories of the initial favorites, but the odds on them are small, from 1.2 to 1.4. It is not very much, considering the possible losses. You can certainly win a few times, even have a winning streak. However, a few losing bets will dramatically shed your gambling bank. On the other hand, if you work only on pre-match bets, you will have enough time to prepare. Study the history of confrontations, look at injuries and disqualifications, learn about the weather on the day of the match. Even the manner of how the referee judges the match affects the result.

Variety of the market on 1xBet

The reasons for the popularity of soccer among bettors are not only in the simplicity and clarity of its rules, unlike volleyball, handball, some single sports. Many are fans of forwards, often delighting the public with their goals. However, simply betting on the victories of favorites can also get boring. The bookmaker 1xBet offers to make interesting predictions and place the usual bets:

  1. Corner kicks total. You can hope for an attacking game from both teams, and it is even possible to have a zero score on goals. The main thing is that there should be active attacking actions – kicks, shots, serves.
  2. The total score on kicks. It’s about the same situation, and here you don’t even need kicks to the goal. It is enough to make an attempt, even if it is a blocked shot – it counts in the statistics.
  3. Number of fouls. It requires a certain style of play of at least one of the teams – it is either active attacking or active pressing. It is bad to choose teams like Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Man City, where the emphasis is on ball control and finding the right moment. There is very little fighting and clashing there.

There are many combined bets on the bookmaker’s site, for example, it is when the bettor tries to predict the winner and the number of goals in general, the winner and the total of this team. You can try to specify the exact score in the game coupon, but it is a complex bet, which is not badly evaluated by the bookmaker. There are some non-standard bets, namely whether there will be a VAR review, whether there will be a penalty and a penalty kick. Interestingly, there are situations in soccer where these bets are played literally for one episode.

There are also a lot of interesting things in other sports, but you should be familiar with the sport, and optimally, you should love the sport and start broadcasting. For example, you may not initially know that there is no draw in basketball, and that the duration of matches in the NBA and Euroleague is different. Or that the number of sets at regular tennis tournaments and men’s Grand Slam tournaments is different. All these subtle points will allow you to adapt to a particular tournament and choose more reliable bets. Although the long history of betting shows that absolutely everything happens in professional sports. You can have any event with odds of 2 or more in a long express, but the coupon itself will lose due to an initially correct prediction of 1.3. There are many such examples, but that’s what’s interesting about sports betting, that every new round means that new probabilities coincide.

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