Tips And Tricks Of Styling Hair With Men’s Hair Wax

Hair is everything! (cc: Fleabag), and styling them perfectly might encompass even more. We say that because there is a collective consensus that most fights fought with brothers were based on touching their hair and ‘ruining’ their hairstyles (this writer can personally vouch for that). An article by Christelle Pelliissier says that men spend up to four hours primping, the majority of it goes to tending to their hair and hairstyle. Ergo, we can establish the problem that styling hair and then making it stay that way throughout the day is a huge concern, and the easiest, most accessible, and works-like-a-charm solution is hair wax for men.

Hear us out, the market is flooded with hair gels and other hair styling tools, but they mostly leave your hair looking overpacked with the product, greasy, oily, and “crunched up”. On the other hand hair wax for men not only helps with styling but also maintains your hairstyle as you intend it to, throughout the day. But, first let’s cover the basics of styling, how to choose products, and get an overview of what works best with which type of hair.

  • The products and the textures:

It is extremely important to choose your styling product based on your hair texture. There are more than 40 styling products available in the market, and to get the best results, the product should be selected based on the texture, type, and style.

There are broadly four textures, one can divide them into straight, wavy, coiled, and curly, with more than three subcategories in the last one (2A, 2B, 2C). Now, let’s come to the styling products available which are hair gel, pomade, hair wax for men, mousse, and hair clay.

Hair gels are used to give a very sleek tight look and could be categorised especially for some old-school hairstyles. We recommend this for your office looks, and parties, where you want to appear as snatched, with a clean look. However, people who struggle with hair thinning should avoid using hair gel as it weighs down your hair, and makes the issue more prominent and visible.

Pomade is used to give more volume and shine to your hair, with a decent amount of hold, claimed as best for structured hairstyles. It works best for the pompadour, and quiff, and on hair with slight curls.

Hair wax for men maintains your hairstyle for the longest time and provides a matte finish. It helps with frizz and works best for everyday easy, messy hairstyles. Please note that while using hair gel, a little product goes a long way, the application needs to be done on clean, washed, and dry hair, and remember to break down the product by rubbing it between your palms, before styling.

Hair clay gives slight everyday volume, and wouldn’t work on too dry or frizzy hair, it is also known to be a product that is a task to get out while washing.

  • Styling Tips And Tricks With Hair Wax

As above mentioned, hair wax for men is a multipurpose product, that holds styling the best. If you are just beginning your hair styling journey and looking for one product that does the job and will be a good in-between, or an end goal for your hair styling then hair wax should be your choice of product

Tips and Tricks:

The styling tools work best in clean shampooed hair. One should always make sure that there is no build-up or oil, as it will hinder the performance of your hair wax, as it aims to provide more volume and a matte clean finish.

Hack: A small amount of oil application is recommended, especially almond oil with a little bit of water, to avoid dry and frizzy hair. It will help with frizz-free volume and will help the hair wax perform its magic to the best of its abilities.

The choice of hair wax should be water-soluble so that one can easily rinse it off, and should be completely sulfate and paraben-free, and made out of natural ingredients like earth clay.

The application of hair wax for men is extremely important, and should never be applied to the scalp, and only to the roots.

Hair wax also provides a natural matte finish, moisturizes the hair, and restores damage. While using, remember that you can always build it up and put more while styling, but can never remove it from your hair. Go in with little amounts and add accordingly.

Hair wax creates a range of hairstyles, from sleep to messy curls, and keeps them that way for a great amount of time, and as Kana Ishii and Amber Crain put it, “can also be used to create more definition and texture”.

Styling with men’s hair wax is easy, hassle-free, and economical, easily available online and offline. With these tips and tricks, and based on your hair texture, you can invest in a good one, and cut down on the above-mentioned four hours, as your hair style will not move throughout the day. We want to conclude this by emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet, and healthy lifestyle, as they directly and indirectly impact the health of your hair, and the external environmental factors can also result in texture varaitions.

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