The Most Eagerly Awaited Video Games of 2024

Gaming Horizons 2024: Dive Into the Top 5 Video Games of the Year

2023 was a phenomenal year for video game enthusiasts, including those who visited Some of the notable releases last year include the uniquely entertaining Alan Wake 2, Marvel’s action-packed Spiderman 2, the Legend of Zelda, and Tears of the Kingdom, to mention a few. We’re just a month into 2024, but the year is already promising even more exciting and fascinating video game releases than last year. Some of the titles to look forward to this year include the highly-anticipated role-playing game Persona 3 Reload and the standout fighting game Tekken 8.

While the 2024 video game release calendar is a bit of a mystery, we’ve got some kind of idea of what games will be released in the first couple of months and throughout the year. Here are the top five games of 2024 so far. Remember: Any of these games could be among the best come the end of the year.

Tekken 8

Tekken is a saga that started in 1994. Today, in 2024, Tekken 8 is a new release that lets fans of the franchise celebrate its landmark 30th anniversary. Released on January 26, Tekken 8 promises the ultimate face-off between a father Kazuya Mishima and his son Jin Kazama. The fighting game genre blends the elegant and ridiculous like no other. As such, Tekken 8 is the latest release in Namco’s long-running saga that throws an exciting cast of topless muscular martial artists, assassins, boxers, cyborgs, and leopard-men into the ring. The Arcade Quest is an unexpectedly shrewd single-player mode in which players can learn the basics before they take on one another online.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Modern-day film remakes often tend to be huge letdowns (for example 2023’s, The Exorcist: Believer, 2018’s Tomb Raider, and 2016’s Ben-Hur to mention a few). On the other hand, video game adaptations blow up more often than not, as evidenced by the success of Final Fantasy 6 Remake in 2020. Released as one of three reimagined games, it exceeded expectations. The second forthcoming installment, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, continues the exploits of spiky-haired protagonist Cloud taking on Sephiroth, injecting stunning graphics and advanced combat into the classic chronicle. Rejoin Cloud and his team as they try to protect their world from the evil ashen-haired Sephiroth. While Nobuo Uematsu’s unique score and Tetsuya Nomura’s fantastic character designs have been modernized and remixed, they’ve not lost their power.

Princess Peach: Showtime

There’s plenty of anticipation behind Princess Peach: Showtime because this is the first time since 2005 that the princess is the main protagonist in the Princess Peach series. The latest title is modeled around a stage play like Super Mario Bros. 3, maintaining the long-held belief that the whole Princess Peach franchise is a string of stage plays. In Princess Peach: Showtime, players can take on several Princess Peach transformations, including a Kungfu martial artist, detective, and swordfighter, as they join forces with her partner Stella to defeat the main villain, Wicked Grape.

Persona 3 Reload

The most popular game in the Atlus series is undoubtedly Persona 5. In fact, it’s arguably the title that made the world pay attention to the Atlus franchise. However, Persona 5 also makes its counter seem a little older, making fans call for the remake of older Persona titles. Atlus has heeded fans’ requests and is determined to reimagine older Persona titles to the next level. Persona 3 narrates the tale of a high school hero returning home 10 years after the death of his parents in a car accident. In the title, Personas are part of the specialized extracurricular execution squad (SEES) and are used to beat shadows and unearth the Dark Hour. As a Persona 3 reimagination, Persona 3 Remake portrays the original narrative with a huge emphasis on UI, mechanical, and graphical updates, complete with advanced character designs and so much more. Put simply, Persona 3 Remake is fully embracing the idea of a remake to give modern audiences something to look forward to beyond Persona 5.

Star Wars Outlaws

Many video game freaks have had enough of the Star Wars franchise by now. However, Ubisoft Massive’s perspective on the Galaxy saga is hands down intriguing. As the first open-world Star Wars title, Star Wars Outlaws lets you play the role of a character-filled space rogue named Kay Vess. In the game, you roam around the galaxy, committing crimes on a beautiful little furry land named Axolotl. While the game looks grimy, it’s fun and exciting and allows you to take on several legendary Star Wars planets.

Choose Your Virtual World

2024 has started in the same manner that 2023 began in terms of video game releases. While we have no idea when many of 2024’s biggest titles will be published, the year promises blockbusters like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on February 29 and Princess Peach: Showtime on March 22. In conclusion, there’s loads to get excited about between now and the end of 2024. The video game titles above are either completely original or remakes that’ll get you excited and engaged throughout the year.

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