Preparing Your Book Presentation: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Authors

The days of writing custom works and hearing phrases like “do my essay for free” are gone – now you are officially a writer and have your book.

The presentation of a book is one of the most awaited moments for authors after publication. After all, it is the launch of a project that has been worked on for a long time, as well as one of the significant milestones for promoting the author’s brand and the title that has just been published.

There are several ways to present a book, and in this post, we will give you the keys that will allow you to learn how to organize the presentation of your book with the best results and creatively. From the simplest to other longer ones, we will guide you in essential aspects such as creating the speech you will say during this whole act, what to wear, and how to raise other fundamental issues for this significant date.

How to choose the place?

Among the places where you can make your online presentation, we recommend sites related to literature: bookstores, libraries, cultural centers… These are some examples that can host this event. Also, remember that these spaces indeed have experience organizing these events so that everything will be much easier.

As we said, these are the most common spaces. But it is also possible to choose other spaces for the presentation of your book, such as a coffee shop or an environment linked to the author (such as his or her workplace). However, we recommend that you make sure that there is a room with the capacity to host this event, with adequate power, and that it allows the public to see without problems.

Making an announcement

Once the space where you will present your book is closed, it is time to let people know that this event will take place. There are several options to communicate this event and gather attendees. Two categories may be interested: journalists and potential readers.

To attract the former, you must use press releases or calls to the media to warn them. The writing of this document can be done by the publisher with whom you have published it. If you take on this mission, remember that the call for journalists has geographical restrictions, so it is best to target those who can attend.

Social networks can also be an excellent channel to capture the attention of potential attendees, especially readers who may be interested in the book. On the one hand, there are organic publications: post announcing the place and the event and launch it from your profile, go to Facebook groups related to literature, and ask your publisher to create the corresponding publication to notify their followers.


How long should an online presentation last? The answer is: “as long as you want”. Each book is different and responds to its characteristics, and so is the event involving its launching. It is not the same as making a private event in which the discussion can extend for hours and hours as a more “formal” one in which the public is unknown.

It is appropriate that the book presentation, including the information given about the author, the production of the work and the dialogue between the writer and the editor or the chosen presenter, lasts up to 40 minutes. This will keep the public’s attention and avoid absences at the end of the event (the moment dedicated to the purchase and signing of copies).

Likewise, it is customary that after the presentation of the work, a question-and-answer session is opened so that attendees can share their doubts with the author. Ideally, this should last between 10 and 15 minutes to not delay the event’s closing.

Taking care of the details

The details make the difference, which is also evident in the presentation of a book—for example, the catering you hire. Depending on the time of day, you can choose between a sweeter snack, including coffee and cakes, or something savorier (focused as a snack that gives way to a more substantial meal). But, thanks to this, you will make people more comfortable for the final phase of this event.

It is also a good idea to know the environment where you will make the presentation so that you can dress in colors similar to this place’s. Also, about the wardrobe, you should know what type of event you want to perform (if it is something more private or public-facing) and choose something more elegant or home.

On the other hand, you can also consider further details for the presentation of the book, such as the presence of music to liven up the waiting of the attendees. At the same time, it begins and ends when the capacity is completed, as well as in the readings of some fragments. In any case, you should coordinate with the space where the event will take place to test the sound equipment.

The presentation

Now it is time to know how to structure the presentation of your book and the aspects you should be very clear about before starting. First of all, unless you are a magician of improvisation, it is better to have an outline of what you will talk about that day, even a speech.

The usual structure of a book presentation is greetings from the presenter, information about the author, information about the book, and an interview in which the most critical aspects of the title are highlighted. After all this, a question-and-answer session with the audience’s participation follows.

Regarding the structure of the presentation, we recommend that you consider those aspects of your book that you want to be highlighted and that must be included in this act.

And most importantly, be yourself and enjoy. After long hours of work on the book, it’s time to reap the rewards!

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