Olive Is This Year’s Color For Men’s Luxury Luggage

It’s official. Olive green is the new neutral and the hottest color for mens luggage. Black is boring. Gray is grim. Olive is warm, sophisticated, and easy to spot on the luggage carousel at the end of a long trip. Say “Hello” to this trending color by checking out the olive options available to you.

Roller Design

Roller bags come in a variety of sizes. The most convenient, of course, is the smaller carry-on. While exact dimensions vary, they usually measure close to 21″ high, 15″ wide, and 10″ deep, exclusive of wheels and handle. Check in luggage can go much larger. Two popular sizes are the 26″ and 29″.

Regardless of size, look for roller bags with the following features:

  • Polycarbonate hard shell 
  • Expansion zipper
  • 360 degree wheels
  • Various interior pouches and bags
  • TSA locks

An expansion zipper is also nice. These zippers can typically give you up to 2 extra inches of space for even more capacity.

Don’t Forget The Dopp Kit!

Do you like to travel with your own toiletries? If so, a matching olive Dopp kit is a must. Named for inventor Charles Doppelt, these handy little travel bags first caught on with the military as a convenient and easy way to port razors, soap, and other small toiletry items. 

By the 1950s, women were using Dopp kits, too. The zipper closures kept everything secure and the wide-mouth opening made it easy to pack. While they are more commonly called toiletry bags today, the classic Dopp kit tends to be very simple in construction. Just one or two main compartments with an easy-access zipper and you are ready to pack and go.

How About a Weekend Bag?

Eyeballing that large rolling suitcase in olive? You should consider full luggage sets while you’re at it. Consisting of two or more pieces of matching luggage, it’s the most luxurious way to travel. 

A basic luggage set should consist of the following:

  • A 21″ carry-on roller bag
  • A larger check-in bag, either 26″ or 29″
  • An over-the-shoulder overnight or weekender bag
  • A Dopp kit or cosmetics case

The overnight or weekender bag is an extremely versatile piece. It’s large enough to take you out of town for three or four days. There’s plenty of room for several outfits and one or two pairs of shoes. When you are taking a longer trip, it doubles as your carry-on personal item. An extra zipper pocket on the back converts to a trolly handle sleeve, allowing you to slip it onto your larger roller bags. 

Smaller options to consider for your luggage set could include a backpack or tote bag. These last two pieces are extra-portable. When you get to your destination, they are easy to carry with you on your sight-seeing adventures or business appointments.

Olive Is the Way To Go

Last, but not least, it’s always easy to find your olive luggage. It stands out next to all the more traditional luggage colors. Show your personal mark of distinction with olive luxury luggage the next time you travel.

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