Lucky Jet Online Game Features

Lucky Jet Game: What is it?

Lucky Jet is a popular type of crash game, where rounds are fast and pretty short and a win depends not only on your luck but also on decisions taken. Players must make a cash-out before a virtual character flies away, what can happen at any moment during the round.

Below some brief information about Lucky Jet is provided: 

Provider: Gaming Corps
Release year: 2021
Min./Max. bet: $0.10/$140
RTP: About 98%
Volatility: Medium
Demo version: Yes
Reliability: Provably fair

Where to Play Lucky Jet in India?

Lucky Jet game is very popular among bettors, so many bookmakers offer to play it on their betting website or via mobile apps. For playing Lucky bet game on real money, we recommend users from India to choose only reliable bookmakers who work under the license and provide fair betting conditions, as well as various bonuses and promotions, customer support service, fast transactions and other useful functions. 

Lucky Jet Game Process

Lucky Jet game process is very similar to such crash game as Aviator, JetX and others. In the beginning of each round plates must place their bets, before the character starts flying. Once the character takes off the game begins and the multiplier starts growing. Cash-out must be made before the character flies away or you will lose. Also, in each round two bets can be made at the same time. 

Basic Rules of Lucky Jet Game

Lucky Jet has pretty simple rules, so even new users can easily start playing it. These rules are as follows:

  • Bets are made in the beginning of each round before the Jetpack takes off;
  • One or two bets can be placed at the same time in one round ;
  • The multiplier grows while the Jetpack flies;
  • Cash out must be made before the Jetpack crashes or flies off the screen;
  • Winnings are based on the multiplier which was in the moment of cash out; 
  • The maximum multiplier per round is 200x.

Lucky Jet Online Game Features

Lucky jet online game has the following features:

  • Two fields for betting, which allows players to make two bets in the same round;
  • Live chat, which allows bettors to chat with each other, discuss the game, etc;
  • Statistics which provides information about previous rounds and bets of other players;
  • Live results, which are the same for all users;
  • Auto-bet function which can place bets automatically;
  • Auto Withdrawal function, which makes withdrawals at a certain multiplier automatically;
  • Availability of demo mode;
  • Usage of provably fair technologies.

Demo Mode in the Lucky Jet

Bettors can play not only in live mode, but also in demo one. Demo mode provides a virtual balance for betting, so you won’t risk your own money, however it is impossible to withdraw any winnings. Demo mode is a great option for all new users who don’t know the rules and want to familiarize themselves with the gameplay, or for experienced users, who want to test new strategies. 

How to make money in Lucky Jet: Useful Tips

There are some simple and useful tips for playing lucky jet, which can help you to increase your chances to win or to decrease your potential loses:

  • Start with smaller sums and make cash-outs at lower or medium multipliers; 
  • Take advantage of auto cash-out function which will make a cash-out automatically at specified multiplier;
  • If a crash appears, double the bet for the next round;
  • Control your emotions;
  • Set a limit for your budget you can spend for playing the game;
  • If you bet a big amount, make a cash-out at lower multipliers.

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