IPTV is a Highly Effective Alternative to Traditional TV: Here’s Why

IPTV technology has revolutionized the way we consume media around the world. It provides more flexibility and convenience both to businesses and consumers. This makes people switch from traditional broadcast television to online streaming platforms.

There are still viewers who find it difficult to adapt to new technology. For this reason, they stay faithful to cable or satellite television. However, researchers state that the number of households opting for cable or satellite TV is constantly decreasing. More people are moving to online streaming services. Let’s explore why it is happening and why an IPTV platform is a better choice.

Why is IPTV a Highly Effective Alternative to Traditional TV?

IPTV allows you to deliver media through an Internet connection instead of an antenna, satellite dish, or fiber-optic cable. It is an advanced technology that helps a content provider deliver content anywhere and tailor the experience to each viewer. With IPTV, it is possible to deliver TV content, and a great illustration is an Albanian IPTV platform.

Furthermore, according to researchers, 37% of viewers claimed to watch little to no linear TV in 2021. Since that time, the percentage of these people has grown to 45% this year.

#1 IPTV allows you to deliver various content formats

Various types of content are what make online streaming platforms so appealing. They can transmit VOD content, time-shifted TV, and live streams. All these forms suit different purposes and bring different benefits.

  • VOD (video-on-demand) content is available at any time a user wants to watch it. These videos are stored on servers and are transferred at a viewer’s request. Such content is extremely popular among consumers since they are always available and original.
  • Time-shifted TV allows viewers to watch their favorite TV shows at their convenience. This helps avoid schedule limitations.
  • Live streaming is about watching a video at the same time it is produced. Live streams can be recorded into VOD content available later.

All three content formats bring various opportunities to business. For example, the concept of live streaming allows you to communicate and connect with viewers in real-time, while VOD content and time-shifted TV provide convenience to viewers.

#2 IPTV platforms are compatible with multiple devices

Traditional television operates only on a TV set, which ties a viewer to one spot in front of it. Unlike cable or satellite, IPTV platforms can operate on multiple devices, including tablets, mobile phones, computers, and TVs.

When a business allows viewers to use any device they want, it provides flexibility and convenience to them. Some prefer watching videos on mobile devices while in a cafe or bus, and others want to view content in HD on a large Smart TV screen. Multi-platform functionality allows using whatever is convenient at the moment.

This also removes location boundaries. Viewers are enabled to watch videos wherever there is an Internet connection.

#3 Viewers opt for online streaming worldwide

The spreading of internet-connected devices and internet networks globally encourages viewers to cut the cable cord and switch to online streaming platforms. But these factors are not the only ones.

Viewers realize that online video consumption is more comfortable than broadcasting. They appreciate multi-platform functionality, vast content libraries, and various content formats. Moreover, it is easy to start using these services since they either require a fee for access to videos or are free of charge. There are no long-term contracts.

Another significant factor for users to choose online streaming services is the price. It is usually lower than the cost of cable television, which can amount to more than $150. A subscription to a streaming platform can cost $10-20, allowing users to have several of them.

Final Thoughts

Generally, streaming videos via the Internet connection allows viewers to watch videos when, where, and how they want. They can find anything to their preferences. And businesses can monetize their content with the help of streaming platforms, building a brand name and a connection with customers. Companies and organizations have complete control over business decisions when they run a streaming service.

Compared to cable television which operates only on TV sets and provides a fixed schedule, IPTV platforms offer flexibility and convenience.

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