Exploring the Intricacies of Fetishism: A Comprehensive Analysis

The commodity fetishism, which is common in the world today, gives rise to a myopic view that lacks the understanding of alternative visions. The problem associated with the myopic view that is caused by the focus on commodity fetishism is that as the things that the society sees as intrinsic begin to change, the actions of people also change. People will no longer desire to participate in activities that they once valued or were part of their lives as they will have placed intrinsic value on the prices of objects. People will therefore work hard to get money to purchase these objects instead of the things they once valued. For a similar paper follow the link Order Dissertation Paper Online.

Cohen continues to write that once the prices of objects overtake people’s desires, they cease to focus on the beauty of the object and instead focus on the fact that they have made money. People will no longer care about how objects are created since they will no longer think that the intrinsic value of an object comes from its creation but rather from the price of the object. Cohen adds that once everything has a price, one cannot leave out even human beings. Human beings are, therefore, not just human but another object with a price tag. People’s worth will not be placed on their moral sense or action but on the price of their labor. In that way, human beings will become the same as any other object that has a price tag attached. Get in touch with buytermpaperonline.com

The solution for commodity fetishism is to avoid placing price tags on all commodities. Once the price tags are removed, people will have to get different ways to place value on an object. Other aspects such as the workmanship of an object and the labor required to create it should be used to place value on objects. While finding other ways to place intrinsic value on things, people should be careful to avoid myopic views and give different alternatives that can be used to define an object’s value.

The society today has become so caught up in viewing the price of objects and placing intrinsic value on the price tag as opposed to the people and the labor these people put into creating the object; commodity fetishism. The problem of commodity fetishism has become so bad that the society has even gone as far as to put a price on human beings. The problem has led to the distortion of the value of an object as per its beauty and the effort required for its creation to the price of the object that has led to a myopic view where the society lacks alternative visions of the value of an object. People should instead find different alternatives to value objects such as the amount of labor required and the people behind the creation of an object. With this in mind, people value things better and avoid the infamous commodity fetishism.

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