How To Leverage Skip Tracing in Real Estate for Maximum Leads

What is Skip Tracing in Real Estate?

At its core, skip tracing is a method of tracking down people. In the real estate realm, it translates to the technique used by investors and agents to find property owners who might be difficult to reach. By gathering and analyzing public data, real estate professionals can locate homeowners, potentially turning them into lucrative leads.

How Real Estate Investors Can Leverage Skip Tracing?

Real estate investors have a golden opportunity with skip tracing. By pinpointing absentee owners, properties in distress, or owners who are behind on their mortgage payments, investors can locate potential deals before they even hit the market. Moreover, direct communication with property owners can pave the way for more personal and successful negotiations.

Types of Services For Skip Tracing Real Estate Owners

Free services:

  • Public Directories: Websites like Whitepages or the local county assessor’s office can offer basic contact information.
  • Social Media: Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter might reveal valuable data about property owners.

Paid Services:

Several professional services specialize in real estate skip tracing, making it easier to sell my house for cash fast . These services usually offer in-depth information, higher accuracy, and the ability to bulk search multiple leads, which can be highly beneficial for individuals looking to quickly sell their properties for cash. By using these services, homeowners can access valuable insights and data that help streamline the selling process, ensuring a faster transaction and achieving their goal of selling their house for cash promptly.

Cost of Skip Tracing for Real Estate

The pricing for skip tracing varies based on the depth of information required and the volume of searches. Free tools, of course, don’t come with any monetary cost, but they might require more time and might not always provide accurate data.

On the other hand, paid services often charge either a flat fee per search or a monthly subscription. Prices can range from $0.15 to $3.00 per search, depending on the platform and package.


Skip tracing, when employed correctly, can become a potent tool in a real estate investor’s arsenal. Whether you’re searching for your next big deal or trying to establish a direct line of communication with a property owner, skip tracing can bridge the gap. Remember, the key lies in leveraging the right tools and platforms, whether free or paid, to ensure accurate, timely, and effective results.

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