EA Sports FC 24 gives away free Haaland: here’s how to get him on FUT

Description: EA Sports FC 24 players can now obtain a free Beats Haaland item in game. Find out how to get and the ratings of it.

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FUT fans can now redeem a free Beats Haaland card on EA Sports FC 24: here’s how the giveaway works

Who would have thought that a champion like Haaland, in his “prime,” would become free for everyone? If maybe this doesn’t concern the flesh and blood version – which remains the exclusive and desired prerogative of Pep Guardiola – the Manchester City striker can now be obtained for free on EA Sports FC 24. Here’s how to get him.

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FUT: How to get Haaland for free

Beats Haaland, that’s the name of the Norwegian’s card on FUT, is now available for free on FC 24. To get it, all you have to do is have played EA Sports FC 24 before November 1, 2023. In that case, players will receive a non-tradeable Beats Haaland item on their account. The player has a specific Milestone objective next to it and allows you to obtain reward packs.

In order to redeem it, you can easily access the Store section by navigating to the main menu of Ultimate Team. Once you are in the Store section, locate the Beats Haaland Pack, which includes an exclusive Erling Haaland item with a Beats theme. To open the pack and unveil its contents, simply hover over the pack and press the X/A button on the silver pack. By following these steps, you will be able to redeem the pack and enjoy its exciting rewards.

Prizes on EA Sports FC 24

The aforementioned Milestone objective is quite interesting because it allows you to unlock additional cards based on how much we play – and score goals – with the excellent 87-rated Beats Haaland. By scoring 50 goals with this card, it is possible to obtain:

  • 3players rated 85+
  • 3players rated 84+
  • 3players rated 83+
  • 11players rated 81+
  • 5players rated 80+

A whole squad, practically, that can be used both for Squad Building Challenges and to keep it with you in case the draw was lucky. This Haaland, a goal-scoring machine… and more.


In conclusion, the opportunity to obtain Haaland’s card for free on EA Sports FC 24 is a fantastic

chance for FUT fans. This promotion allows players to add a top-tier footballer to their team and unlock additional rewards by completing Milestone objectives. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your gaming experience on EA Sports FC 24 and achieve new levels of success in FUT. Buy FIFA coins cheap and unlock a world of possibilities that will elevate your gaming journey to unprecedented heights. For more options and services to enhance your experience on EA Sports FC 24, visit the U7BUY website.

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