Region-Free DVD Players: Recommendations for Playing Overseas DVDs/BDs in Japan

Many of the currently sold DVDs are encoded to prevent playback in regions other than where they are sold. However, by using a region-free DVD player, it becomes possible to play DVDs from different regions. This article will discuss region-free DVD players that enable watching DVDs purchased in Japan in other countries.

What is region code

Many people assume that DVDs purchased anywhere in the world can be played without issues overseas because they are the same size globally. However, in reality, not all DVD players in every country can play any DVD. This is because most DVDs available for sale are encoded with what’s known as a region code.

The region code signifies a numerical code assigned based on the region where the DVD is sold. If the region code doesn’t match that of the DVD player, it won’t play. However, with a region-free DVD player, you can play DVDs purchased from anywhere without any problems.

Region codes are implemented to protect copyrights by restricting playback to specific regions. Additionally, they serve as a way to safeguard the market within that particular region.

Types of Region Codes and How to Check Them

We’ve understood the significant role played by region codes. Now, let’s delve into the types of region codes and how to verify them.

Types of Region Codes Region codes range from 0 to 8. Some of these codes are not commonly used and are listed as unused.

0: Usually labeled as “ALL.” It signifies a region-free DVD.

1: Indicates it’s sold in the United States and Canada.

2: Sold in Japan, Western Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa.

3: Sold in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries.

4: Sold in Central and South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

5: Sold in Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

6: Sold in China.

7: Designated as unused.

8: Used in international air and sea routes.

Checking Region Codes

Region codes can be easily checked as they are mentioned on the package. They are also indicated on the disc, making it easily distinguishable for anyone.

When purchasing from overseas, you’ll likely use online shopping sites. In such cases, it’s crucial to thoroughly check the photos of the package before making a purchase. If you can’t verify the region code on the package, confirm which country’s shopping site is selling it.

Most often, DVDs available through online shopping sites are from the seller’s country, making it relatively easy to predict the region code.

Methods for Playing Foreign DVDs

  1. Region-Free DVD Player
  2. DVD playback software on a PC

Recommended region-free DVD players

  1. Region-Free BD/DVD Player BDP-S3700 by SONY
  2. This product is a parallel import from overseas by SONY. Given its SONY make, many find it reliable.
  3. Note that it doesn’t support CPRM, so there might be DVDs it can’t play accurately. However, it automatically handles PAL and NTSC, allowing playback of DVDs from various regions worldwide. It also supports Wi-Fi for services like YouTube and Netflix.
  4. Priced at ¥29,980 as of May 11, 2022.
  5. Region-Free DVD Player DVD-S700 by Panasonic
  6. This DVD player from Panasonic supports automatic conversion between PAL and NTSC. While it’s an overseas model, it plays all region-free DVDs seamlessly.
  7. Its lightweight and stylishly thin design make it easy to fit in tight spaces. It comes with a compact remote control for easy operation.
  8. Priced at ¥19,980 as of May 11, 2022.
  9. Region-Free DVD Player BSD-M1BK by Protech
  10. This region-free DVD player by Protech supports PCRM and features USB memory recording for music CDs.
  11. It includes an ECO switch to minimize power consumption, making it ideal for those conscious of standby power usage.
  12. Priced at ¥3,630 as of May 11, 2022.
  13. Region-Free DVD Player BSD-M2HD-BK by Protech
  14. This DVD player supports both AV and HDMI cables, CPRM, and allows playback of DVDs recorded from digital broadcasts.
  15. It offers various functions like repeat playback at specific points and time-based navigation.
  16. It also includes the ability to directly record music CDs into MP3 format on a USB memory stick, convenient for those wanting to transfer to portable music players.
  17. Priced at ¥4,180 as of May 11, 2022.

PlayerFab DVD Player

PlayerFab DVD Player is a great choice for playing region-free DVDs on your computer. Here’s an overview:

What is PlayerFab DVD Player?

It’s software that allows you to play movies and TV shows from DVD discs, ISO, or folders. Let’s explore its features:

  1. Play Regardless of Region Code: With PlayerFab, you can play DVDs irrespective of their region code, avoiding any playback errors. If you’re hesitant about purchasing a region-free DVD player, this software can be a great alternative.
  2. Compatibility with Advanced Technologies: It’s optimized for AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, ensuring smooth playback and avoiding interruptions or audio issues.
  3. Poster Wall Display: Organize and manage your local media library with a poster wall display, making it easier to find and access desired content. It even organizes series, simplifying continuous watching.
  4. Wide Format Support: Supports various video formats like DVD discs, folders, ISO files, and allows importing videos for playback. It also supports popular audio and video formats like MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, WMV, MOV, and FLV.

System Requirements:

  1. Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (32/64 bit)
  2. Requires Intel i3 or later
  3. 4GB RAM
  4. 4GB+ free hard disk space
  5. Live internet connection

Note: PlayerFab’s streaming video playback is available for Windows only, but its DVD and Blu-ray playback features work on Mac as well.

To get blu-ray リッピング, you can download it for free by clicking the next button. PlayerFab not only offers DVD playback but also includes an Ultra HD Player for playing BD and UHD BD, and an Amazon Player for streaming Amazon videos. Currently on sale at around 50% off for a comprehensive all-in-one package.

Region codes on DVDs restrict their playback outside the country of sale. However, using a region-free DVD スマホに取り込む or PlayerFab DVD Player allows you to play DVDs from any country on your computer, making it incredibly convenient.

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