Dragon vs. Tiger: The Ultimate Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Learning to play the classic Dragon vs. Tiger is always thrilling for new players. Originating from the Asian sub-continent, this game is popular worldwide, including India.

In this game, players have two options, either on the Tiger or Dragon side. Here, you can predict which side will have a higher card value. The Dragon Tiger game online is so much fun to learn and play that one can enjoy it in their free time.

This article will serve as an easy guide for beginners to improve their online live casino game. Remember that Dragon vs. Tiger is a game of chance and it is advisable to play this for fun and avoid going over budget.

How Can You Play the Game?

The rules of the Dragon Tiger game are rather simple. The game begins with:

  • Two cards are given to each betting position at the start of every round of play.
  • One card goes to the Dragon gambling position and one to the Tiger betting position.
  • Regardless of suit, the position that reveals the card with the greatest value wins.
  • Your objective is placing a wager, hoping the Dragon or the Tiger will win.
  • Furthermore, the Tie bet wins if the Tiger and the Dragon both show the same cards. Players who stake on Dragons or Tigers only lose 50% of their initial bet in the case of a tie.

Tips and Tricks for the Game

Financial Management Strategy

One of the best ways to prolong playtime and prevent an impending financial calamity is to employ a simple Dragon Tiger Maths Trick. When putting bets, always make investments that will cover your real bankroll. If you have Rs 1,000, start placing smaller bets of Rs 200 rather than betting over and above, maybe Rs 2,000. Dragon Tiger is only one of the casino games that require active money management strategies. Spend no more than you have allocated for the gaming session. Using this Dragon Tiger game online money management strategy can ensure a winning streak if implied carefully.

Identify the Game’s Payouts

Ensure you comprehend the Dragon Tiger game‘s rules and gameplay well before getting into real cash transactions. Payouts should also be considered, as they differ throughout online casinos. It is essential to locate the benefits of online casino offerings, particularly when placing tie bets.

Set Playtime Limits

The Dragon Tiger moves very fast. It is crucial for players to set playtime limits. Playing more games puts you in danger of losing more money. If you attempt to bet on every hand at Dragon Tiger, you can play fifty hands in an hour.

Play the Last Few Cards

This technique, comparable to card counting, reads the previous hand. If the deck wasn’t correctly shuffled, you have a greater chance of drawing a higher card after the previous high card. This is useful in unusual cases. It usually happens at random.

Ensure One Side is Free

Play the entire game by selecting either the Tiger or the Dragon as your side. If you opt for that, your chances of success increase because it minimises changing to other sides. Instead, they should pick one option and stick to it.

Break the Pattern

If the dragon cards won continuously five (5) times in a row, it is not sure that you will win the sixth (6th) time. Dragon Tiger is an online live casino game fun. It is recommended to play it strategically.

●  A Strategy for Counting Cards

For this strategy, you have to watch a few hands of cards, dealing to figure out if you are more likely to obtain lower or higher cards. If you want the best possible odds to win the hand, you would rather see higher cards appear more often than lower cards. Before you play, wait until the lower-value cards have been dealt. To prevent making a bad decision, players in Dragon Tiger might choose to count their cards. Fewer cards are used in Dragon Tiger, tracking how many little and large cards are dealt is easier.


Dragon vs. Tiger is one of the highly preferred online live casino games among beginners. Its simple and easy-to-understand interface makes the game a popular online gaming option. If you’re looking for some Dragon vs. Tiger tricks to enhance your gameplay, you’re in the right place. The excitement of watching which side prevails can be pretty thrilling, especially when you employ strategic tricks to tip the odds in your favor. Plenty of betting platforms offer complete safety and security to the players. Enroll on an online casino gaming platform and start your betting journey today! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, mastering Dragon vs. Tiger tricks can add an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience.

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