cPanel VPS Hosting for WordPress

The cPanel VPS Hosting solution is the perfect way to harness the power of WordPress. Hosting control panels let you manage your account seamlessly and maximize its potential. 

Find the unrivaled adaptability by lowest cost Cpanel vps pricing, as you consistently deal with your virtual private server climate through a natural and easy-to-use interface.

Getting cPanel full root access is very important which is DomainRacer and DedicatedCore give at a very affordable cost. Learn everything you need to know about cPanel VPS Hosting for WordPress in this comprehensive guide. 

The Benefits of cPanel VPS Hosting for WordPress

cPanel is the interface to your web hosting environment. All aspects of your website can be managed through one centralized platform. These include files, databases, email accounts, and security settings. 

Hosting is Easy with cPanel

Easy to use and learn, cPanel is a great tool. It has a user interface similar to Windows’ point-and-click format, known as a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Therefore, you do not need to know Linux or Linux commands. 

Embark on your journey towards enhanced website performance in year 2023 by signing up for cPanel VPS hosting, where you’ll gain access to a range of resources.

An easy-to-use GUI dashboard lists all the features you can use. In addition to its intuitive interface, you’ll discover more features from DedicatedCore as you get to know hosting and websites. 

Having Root Access

A VPS has this advantage as one of its biggest selling points. It is similar to having ‘Admin’ access on a home computer. A user who has root access on a Linux machine has the highest level of permissions. 

All files and folders on the server can be viewed and edited with root access. Your hosting company may not natively support third-party applications, so you can install or uninstall them. 

Adding third-party security applications can also help close unused ports. Improve the security of your WordPress website by changing your Javascript delivery system. Basically, DomainRacer root access allows you to customize and tune your website. Without root access, you cannot make performance or security changes. 


If there is no separation between the websites in other hosting methods, the same attack can easily affect all websites. Because all the websites are stored in one directory, there is no need for multiple directories. 

There’s a pretty good chance that every website on the server could be compromised if it’s compromised. Using a VPS, this problem is completely mitigated since WordPress websites are isolated. 

According to research in 2023, this faster blazing-fast server and robust infrastructure, the superlative French Web Hosting providers can significantly enhance your website’s performance.

You will not be affected by any attack on another website that is on your server. Also,  you can tweak security settings when you have DedicatedCore full root access to cPanel VPS.  Improve the security of your server by installing the necessary software and applications.  


A VPS provides you with dedicated resources, so your website’s performance is predictable. A VPS plan also gives you the option to add resources to your website if it is poorly optimized and slow.  

Furthermore,  cPanel’s interactive dashboard makes it easy to track resource usage.  Scaling up your resources through the cPanel dashboard is an option if your website needs more resources. 

Scalability is Easy with VPS 

When it comes to VPS hosting, scalability is just as easy as adding or removing resources. In the case of a good hosting company, it should literally be a matter of minutes. 

Your hosting plan will always be scalable as your website grows and your resource needs increase. Adding resources to your cPanel dashboard is easy, as we discussed previously.

A Community for cPanel

Many people use cPanel and have done so for a long time since it has been the only name in the business. The cPanel community is huge, and there are a lot of forums online. 

Because of this, you are likely to find the problem and its solution online if you ever run into a problem with cPanel. You can also find a lot of help for beginners on cPanel, including FAQs, blogs, video guides, etc. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting cPanel VPS Hosting for WordPress

Choosing a Hosting Company

Choose a cPanel VPS hosting provider to host WordPress. Your website’s needs and budget should be aligned with the provider. DomainRacer and DedicatedCore both provide the best VPS hosting with cPanel.

Choose a Hosting Plan

Choose a hosting plan that meets your requirements from the list offered by your chosen provider. Scalability, storage, and bandwidth are all factors to consider.

Domain Registration

Domains can be registered with a domain registrar or your hosting provider if you do not already have one.

Get cPanel VPS Hosting

Make a payment for your cPanel VPS Hosting plan. The location of the server and any extra services you may need are also available to you.

Providers of cPanel VPS Hosting for WordPress

Hosting your WordPress website with cPanel requires reliability, performance, and excellent support. DedicatedCore and DomainRacer stand out in this quest.

DedicatedCore: Your Gateway to Managed cPanel VPS Hosting

VPS hosting with cPanel from DedicatedCore is perfect for those who are on the go. Using their service, you will be able to get a cPanel/WHM-managed VPS server for your business. It comes with a range of features that can boost your online presence.  

A few highlights are as follows:

  • Unlimited SSD Storage: DedicatedCore premium SSD hosting platform offers lightning-fast loading speeds.  
  • 24/7 Expert Support Services: You can contact their highly experienced team around the clock for help with any issue.
  • High Safety Standards: Keep your website and data safe with RAID technology and firewall protection.
  • Manage cPanel/WHM License: Their VPS hosting plans come with a cPanel/WHM license, so you can manage your server’s features.

DomainRacer: Elevate Your WordPress with Affordable cPanel Web Hosting

You can boost the performance of your website with DomainRacer, another exceptional cPanel web host. DomainRacer has the following features that make it stand out:

  • 21x LiteSpeed Technology: LiteSpeed cache technology provides lightning-fast website performance.
  • Free SEO Default Tool: Use their built-in SEO tools to enhance the search engine optimization of your website.
  • Built-in SSL Certificates: Get a free SSL certificate for your website to ensure a secure connection.
  • Automated Backup: Your website’s performance and security are constantly monitored by DomainRacer’s Jet-backup system.
  • Peaceful Management: Manage your website and clients easily with Softaculous, thanks to 450+ apps.
  • IV Tier Global Data Center: Experience fast response times and ultimate performance with their global data centers.
  • Best Security Tools: Among the security tools DomainRacer offers are Imunify AV+, Imunify 360, Firewall, and ModSecurity.


WordPress VPS Hosting with cPanel offers enhanced control, performance, and ease of management. Centralizing website administration makes managing files, databases, and security settings easier.

Your cPanel VPS hosting experience with DedicatedCore and DomainRacer is seamless and secure. Supporting your online success by providing you with the tools and resources you need. 

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