Answers to Soccer Gaming: Does Overtime Count Not for Newcomers?

Does soccer betting count extra time? is a question that receives the attention of many people who are passionate about the king sport. So in what cases does the overtime rule apply, and what is the bonus for winning bets now? All the above questions of new players about this soccer betting situation will be answered New88 bookmaker portal Reveal details in today’s article.

Learn about extra time in football matches

Before finding out if soccer betting has extra time, new players need to understand what extra time is in the king sport. Rules for extra time in football specifically are:

Detailed extra time kick rules

Extra time calculation time has been compiled into law by the World Football Federation FIFA. Accordingly, extra time will be played if no side wins in the two official halves but the match must select a winner.

If you want to find out if soccer betting includes extra time, bettors need to know that each extra period will last 15 minutes and there will be a total of two extra periods. Thus, the total playing time on the field for two extra periods is 30 minutes. In particular, there will be no break between the two extra periods like the two main periods.

Immediately after the referee’s opening extra-time whistle blows, the team chosen to serve in the first half of the match will be the team that serves in the first extra-time. After the end of the first extra period, the two teams will exchange fields and continue to play the second extra period.

Overtime rule in extra time

In addition to the question of whether soccer betting includes extra time, whether extra time is played or not is also something that many bettors are interested in. FIFA has a regulation that after the end of 30 minutes of extra time, if the match cannot be decided, there will be additional extra time.

However, in reality, extra time will not take place for too long. When the extra time ends in extra time, there is still no winner, the two teams will enter a penalty shootout.

Does soccer betting count extra time and in what cases?

In fact, calculating extra time when betting online on king sports still happens. However, not all cases include 30 minutes of extra time in the odds. Therefore, to answer the question of soccer betting involving extra time, it is not necessary to base on each specific case as follows:

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Summary of cases where extra time is not counted when betting

If the match progresses in one of the eight cases below, the bookmaker will remove the two overtime periods from the odds, specifically:

  • Odds for which team will score the first goal in a match.
  • Odds on the first player to score a goal in a match.
  • Odds on when the first goal in a match will be scored.
  • Bets on the scorer of that match.
  • Soccer bets choose the player who scores the most goals in a match.
  • Bet on which team has the higher score in a match.
  • Form of odd even betting in soccer matches.
  • The match is being conducted with online 1 x 2 tip betting.

Revealing the cases of extra time when betting

When finding out whether soccer betting counts extra time, new players need to understand a number of cases that allow extra time to be calculated, including:

  • Bets on whether the match needs extra time to determine the winner or loser.
  • Form of betting on the total number of goals during two extra periods if played.
  • Odds for the home or away team to win after 30 minutes of extra time in a match.
  • Bet on over/under during extra time.
  • Betting on the number of minutes in extra time that a goal occurs.

It can be seen that calculating extra time when betting on online sports is only recognized in cases where the match must use extra time to determine a winner or loser. In case extra time is unexpectedly canceled, bets including extra time will also be canceled and no longer valid.

Thus, the article has detailed information about the matter Does soccer betting count extra time? to the new players. Hopefully you have learned the most accurate way to bet on king sports and learned more useful information. Please look forward to the next articles from us so you don’t miss the most exciting online soccer betting news!

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