Can I Download Amazon Prime Movies to my PC [Best Guide 2023]

Can I download Amazon Prime movies to my PC and watch them at my convenience? Here are the four best methods to help you download and save your best-chosen Amazon movies to binge-watch with your pals anytime. So let’s begin.

Amazon Prime: A Delightful Virtual Entertainer 

Amazon Prime Video has become a household name. Kudos! Its growing popularity holds no bounds. The primary reason behind this OTT platform’s success lies in the ease and genres of content it provides its users consisting of thousands of movies, TV shows, and original dramas to bring you the best of the entertainment world.

It lets you download your treasured movies and TV series titles to save them for an offline watch. Let us look at some of the simplest ways to grab hold of and keep your Amazon movies safely on your PC.

StreamFab Video Downloader: Download Amazon Movies on Your PC

StreamFab video downloader is undoubtedly the best choice to download and save your best-loved Amazon movies. It downloads ad-free films, TV shows, series, episodes, anime, and original dramas at top-notch audio and video quality. Fortunately, it supports 1080p full HD video resolution and EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, and AAC 2.0 sound quality.

StreamFab downloader supports all the major OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc., and streaming websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Unquestionably, it can be the right choice to download and keep your treasured video titles safely for an indefinite period.

Features and Benefits

  • Get the best downloading experience with the built-in browser
  • Supports all the leading OTT platforms and streaming websites
  • Select your preferences for video and audio quality
  • Save your chosen films and TV shows in MP4 format
  • Download ad-free videos at high quality and quick speed
  • Remux subtitles directly into videos or saves them as SRT files
  • Auto-download new releases at the scheduled time
  • Download metadata information from the movie

Steps to Download

Step 1: Download and install this Amazon Prime video downloader

Firstly, you must download and launch the StreamFab on your PC, either Windows or Mac OS.

Step 2: Select the Amazon Prime Video app

Now, select the Amazon Prime Video app under the Streaming Services tab. Sign in to your Prime Video account and play the movie you need to download to your local storage.

Step 3: Customize your movie output

Now, select the audio tracks and subtitle streams of your preferred language(s).

Step 4: Initiate downloading your movie

Finally, click the Download Now button to start downloading your chosen movie.

How Can I Download Amazon Prime Movies to My PC Using Amazon Prime Video App

Being a Prime member, Amazon Prime lets you download and enjoy all your best-loved movies offline, making your travel, sojourns, and commutes easier. Whether you have a Windows Desktop/laptop or Mac, download your treasured Amazon movies, TV shows, and dramas following the below-given quick process.

  • Install the Prime Video app using the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10/11. For Mac PCs, simply visit and open the App Store, scroll and search the Amazon Prime Video app, and click Get to install and run it.
  • Open and log in to your Prime Video account.
  • Now scroll through the Prime carousel and select the movie you need to download.
  • On the movie, Details page, click the Download button.

For Mac PCs, click the My Stuff button > Tap the settings gear icon > Select Streaming and downloading > Click Download Quality. Next, choose your file as Best, Better, Good or Data Saver. Once the video quality preferences are set, the download will begin automatically.

How Can I Download Amazon Prime Movies to My PC Using (Online Tool) is a free online software to download your favorite movies and videos without formal registration. Whether you have a Windows or Mac PC, the online downloader lets you record all your chosen Amazon movies effortlessly on your PC. Moreover, it supports downloading video and audio files from over 1000 websites.

  • Open your web browser and type to access the website. Alternatively, directly click
  • Now visit your Prime Video app or Amazon website and scroll through it to find the movie you want to download.
  • Once found, tap to open the movie and copy its link.
  • Now paste the copied movie link to the search box of Alternatively, you can type keywords to open the movie link directly.
  • Now click enter or the Download button. Wait patiently until it searches for the best format for your Amazon movie.
  • Next, select the video format you need to download depending on your data and storage capacity.
  • Finally, click the Download button.

How Can I Download Amazon Prime Movies to My PC Using Video DownloadHelper (Browser Extension)

Video DownloadHelper is a web browser extension that automatically detects downloadable videos and activates to download and save them to your PC. It works seamlessly on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers for Windows and Mac PCs.

  • Open Google Chrome and type video download helper. Alternatively, you can directly click the video download helper.
  • Now tap the install button > Click Install on Chrome > Click Add to Chrome > Choose Add Extension.
  • After installation, the extension icon appears on your screen’s upper-right corner in the address bar. The extension icon will be enabled automatically when you run into a downloadable video.
  • Finally, play your chosen Amazon movie, click the extension icon, and hit the Download button to save your film automatically to your computer.

Amazon Prime is a blessing in disguise for all movie buffs, but certain limitations fail to give the users a delightful experience. For example, not all titles are available for download, and the ones you can download remain active only for 30 days or 48 hours if (played).

Moreover, online tools can redirect you to malicious websites, while browser extensions might only support some available browsers. So instead, you can opt for the StreamFab Video Downloader for uncompromised and smooth entertainment.

Final Verdict 

So despite having multiple options, StreamFab video downloader should be your go-to choice whenever you think about whether can I download Amazon Prime movies to my PC. StreamFab downloader offers you the downloading ease to avail of high-quality downloads for a limitless period to host a movie party anytime and anywhere.

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