Agricultural Aesthetics: Stunning Farm Website with Templates

Seed business gives us everything we need for life. Companies provide the planet with food, vegetables, fruits, meat, and other nutritious meals. At the same time, there are many directions for the successful operation of such an enterprise. Special processing equipment, warehouses, tractors, and other techniques are among them. All these businesses need to develop and sell goods. Today, we present you farm website templates from TemplateMonster that become the basis for setting up online activities. These ready-made designs for the site improve its presentability, raise your brand to a new level, and become an impetus for further advertising and PR. Please read the material to learn how to create and implement an excellent project!

What Are Farm Website Templates

If you follow the above link, you see how the product looks. Its main advantages are:

  • Quick effect. Updates in the appearance of sections are visible immediately after installation.
  • Customizability. All design details are changeable — the more advanced the product, the more settings there are. With the help of simple actions, change colors, fonts, and the location of information on the page. However, it would help if you were not involved in global editing. After all, you may break the pattern and structure. Then, the farm website template will no longer be so effective.
  • Accessibility. Many specialists have appreciated how easy it is to work with layouts. At the same time, each item has its own instruction that considers the peculiarities. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how much experience the buyer has. After downloading a theme on TemplateMonster, you can install and configure it yourself.
  • Cheapness. The price for an average model fluctuates in the range of 70-80 dollars. Some options are much cheaper or a little more expensive. The cost depends on the number of features, time spent creating design elements, and various bonuses.
  • Gifts. In pursuit of market leadership, web developers often include some utilities in the appendix to the product. All TemplateMonster clients receive support and free updates. Some layouts have vector-editable icons and additional images for making content and plugins.

As you see, studying the topic in more detail is worth exploring. After all, goods have potential.

Advantages Of Farm Website Templates

Choosing a similar layout is a very responsible step. You must thoroughly study all the features and decide whether the selected product is suitable. Below, we list elements that are liked and valuable by all business owners related to producing food products, fresh vegetables, cereals, and meat. Among the advantages are:


It’s an adaptive site that has flexibility and adapts to the sizes of different gadgets.

The Drop Down Menu

A block at the top of the page that gives links to the main sections.

Google Maps

A particular part of contacts that speaks of the openness and legality of the firm.


The layout of a section where buyers can post helpful reviews and articles.

Search Engine Friendly 

Some critical work that web developers have done for successful SEO promotion in the future.

Admin Panel

A dashboard where your sellers keep reports on incoming orders.


A carousel of pictures or a page showing the main advantages of cooperation with the company.

Sample content 

Auto-completion of text blocks, where you must remove the old one and add a new description.


It’s the effect of depth, thanks to the images in the site’s background. The list of fantastic photos for this purpose is on the link.


The universality of the appearance, which is suitable for all areas of activity.

Sliced PSD 

It’s a particular file format that can be editable in Photoshop and other graphic editors.

Retina Ready 

Screen adaptability for Apple devices with increased pixel density. Also, similar parts can now be found in other brands, for example, Samsung.

The online store

It has built-in functionality and tools that turn an ordinary site into a shop.


Examples of your work and achievements, which buyers show through pictures and descriptions.

Team Members 

Block with data on key employees. Show off the things you’re proud of.

Light theme

Provides a small layout weight. It has the same effect of transforming the site’s appearance without weighing it down.


It’s an element with extended functionality and additional features. Dropdown lists are visible when hovering without clicking.

The lazy load effect 

It’s the technology of gradually loading the image one after another.

Drag and Drop content 

A way to add content to the pages without editing the code. It would help to transfer pictures to the desired section from the laptop.

Background video 

It’s an additional option to diversify the home page. With the help of properly selected materials with shots of sowing work or caring for domestic animals, it’s possible to attract the viewer’s interest.

Single product 

Feature provides a structure that allows you to present a limited assortment in a presentable way.

Online chat 

It’s a communication with your sales manager. Let a specialist within the company start a dialog and sell your beautiful tractors, combines, or seeds.

In the lists, you will find many more various benefits. It’s worth studying them in detail to make the right choice.

Successful Examples Of Brands And Agriculture Website Templates

It’s worth searching at the giants in the business sphere to know what kind of external look you need. Learn how market leaders form their brands, what structure they use for an online store, and what information they share. Based on the analysis of competitors, it’s possible to conclude what is best for your business.

We offer to discover the web resources of well-known firms:

  • Deere & Company. Pay attention to how straightforward this company’s layout is. At the same time, there is a lot of green on the pages – the leading shade of the company’s brand book. Pictures helped to achieve this visual effect. As you see, not only the site’s design plays a role, but also the content. Sections have text and graphic descriptions in the menu. This point makes it easier for people to find the necessary parts or agricultural equipment. Since the company works worldwide, there is an option to see your dealer using Google Maps.
  • NewHolland. We chose this brand so that you could make sure that even with different promotion approaches, the corporation is still recognizable as the market leader. If you have never visited this web resource, instead of a full-fledged web source, you open a blank page where visitors must choose the essential area – agricultural or construction equipment. After that, select the region to receive the available assortment. Users can only transfer to a full-fledged online store where they view the variety after these actions. Such an approach is very original and worthy of attention. The layout looks quite simple and clean. Colorful pictures complement the gray-and-white color scheme. The Mega Menu is at the top instead of the Drop Down version.

Now, let’s see what TemplateMonster has to offer.

Successful Farm Website Templates From The Well-known Marketplace

We present several options the reader may like:

  • Unit is a universal theme with as many as eight different design variations! We see a restrained color scheme, which buyers personalize with the help of selected pictures. You determine which color prevails. There are moving parts that add modernity. We also note a particular structure that is clear from the first viewing. An item is worthy of attention!
  • Monstroid2 is a mega product with many layout options. There are unique designs for entirely different firms. It would be best to make the correct choice after installing a bought appearance. At the same time, the theme is an absolute bestseller because owners will find all the necessary functionality, advanced technologies, and thoughtful designs.

Now you know what trends to focus on and where to look for the best products. We wish you a successful launch of the new project!


You don’t need to be a millionaire to have a beautiful site. Read about new technologies, and you start your own company with lower costs than you thought before.

Helpful Video About Launching The Project And Budgeting

The overview gives viewers an example of estimating the creation of a new web source. The numbers are indicative. However, they help to understand what the process consists of.

Farm Website Templates FAQ

How to choose the best theme?

Watch several demos from different authors. Find out in which styles it is possible to get a new look, the current trends, and appreciate the craftsmanship of various web developers. Also, the list of characteristics from the description is a crucial point. Let it have all the features you need. Look at five or more options, find a good deal, and order!

What are the differences between paid and farm website templates free?

The last one has a cheaper appearance and less beautiful and unique accents. Also, paid goods have many more features, support, and updates.

Can I sell themes downloaded on TemplateMonster?

Resale is impossible, as it violates the author’s rights. However, applying graphics for the client and selling him the final online store is legal.

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