3 Simple Ways to Cite Half a Sentence in Academic Writing


In academic writing, ensuring the proper citation of sources is crucial to maintain the integrity of one’s work. It’s common to quote full sentences, but there may be situations where only half a sentence needs to be cited. This article will explore three simple ways to cite half a sentence properly.

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  1. Use Ellipses

One method of citing half a sentence is by using ellipses (three periods in a row). Ellipses indicate that part of the original text has been omitted. Place an ellipsis at the beginning or end of the quotation, depending on which part of the sentence is being cited.

For example, consider this sentence from John Smith’s book: “The impact of global warming is evident in rising temperatures and increasing sea levels.” If we want to cite only the first half:

“…The impact of global warming is evident in rising temperatures…” (Smith 34).

  1. Use Square Brackets

Another option for citing half a sentence is by using square brackets to enclose any additional words or phrases that are not part of the original text but provide context. This approach keeps the quotation focused on the specific section you want to cite.

For example, taking the same sentence from John Smith’s book, if we want to cite only the second half:

“Global warming [results] in…increasing sea levels” (Smith 34).

Here, we’ve added “[results]” for clarity and used ellipsis before “increasing sea levels.”

  1. Paraphrase

Paraphrasing involves rephrasing an author’s original idea in your own words while still giving credit to the source. If you need to cite only part of a sentence, consider paraphrasing that section rather than using direct quotations.

Using our John Smith example again, instead of quoting directly, we could write:

Smith (34) notes that global warming’s impact is felt through rising temperatures, among other factors.


Citing half a sentence can be done in a few simple ways. Whether using ellipses, square brackets, or paraphrasing, make sure to stay true to the source and give proper credit to the author. These methods will help maintain the integrity of your academic writing while allowing you to focus on the specific information relevant to your argument.

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