Wix Vs PrestaShop – Which One Should You Choose?

Are You Launching or Migrating an Online Store? Looking to open or migrate an existing ecommerce store online? There is plenty of support out there for both scenarios!

Security is of great concern to many users, PrestaShop to WIX Migration come equipped with built-in features to keep their websites secure. There may be slight variations between their approaches however.

Ease of use

PrestaShop is widely recognized as one of the easiest self-hosted ecommerce platforms available, designed with users in mind. Its intuitive interface may take some time to adapt to, but complete beginners should find themselves easily managing and customizing their store once familiarized.

Wix provides over 300 popular web apps and extensions categorized as marketing, online selling, services, media & content creation, design & communication as well as a free logo maker to help create your company’s visual identity.

Shopify allows you to provide multiple payment options to customers and create an efficient loyalty program with ease, track sales and traffic with simple reports, as well as create loyalty programs quickly. However, its backend may slow down if too many orders are being processed at one time.


Wix offers an easy drag-and-drop site builder, which even complete novices can use to design websites with. Wix hosts its websites free, as well as offering many apps to make sites more functional; however, some premium applications may drive up costs significantly and increase budget constraints.

Wix is a hosted solution, meaning it cannot migrate your website if you switch services, which could present challenges for those wanting to run large online stores.

PrestaShop is an open-source platform that can be installed directly onto a host’s server, though this requires more work on behalf of users. However, it is generally considered more powerful and flexible, being capable of supporting multiple languages and currencies as well as its intuitive user interface making it ideal for beginners looking to open an ecommerce store.


Wix has long been recognized for being one of the easiest self-hosted ecommerce solutions for beginners, thanks to its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that enables even complete beginners to become website designers without switching between applications and windows.

The platform provides several security measures to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for its customers, such as HTTPS, designated log-in areas and pre-saved card details features. All data is encrypted while software is constantly monitored against hacking attempts by dedicated IT teams.

Wix offers users online support materials like FAQs and documentation as well as a YouTube channel, as well as customer service through email and phone 24/7 and multiple languages. Priority phone support is only provided through their Business VIP plan that costs $59/month but provides additional storage and video hours – as well as offering priority phone support with priority call back times for priority support phone numbers! Furthermore, free domain registration as well as anti-virus/phishing protection with SShield protection system is included!


Wix offers eCommerce pricing plans starting from $23/mo that offer various tools to make your store successful, as well as additional storage and priority support for more expensive packages.

The platform includes some SEO tools to assist with improving your store’s rankings on search engines, but if you want to take an advanced approach with your SEO you will likely require additional plugins for that task.

Customer Support in both environments differ considerably: Wix provides various communication channels and tutorials, as well as a marketing blog and large community forum; while Shopify’s customer service extends further by offering phone/chat support 24/7 as well as guides/tutorials for its users.

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