When Theodore Roosevelt threatened with making American football illegal

American football is a sport with a fascinating history. You can check betting website 1xBet to wager on all matches from this discipline. The early history of this sport was quite chaotic. In fact, there was a regular match played between Harvard and Yale. This event was known as the “Hampden Park Blood Bath”. This name shows quite explicitly the brutality and violence that characterized the sport during its early days.

The 1894 edition of this match resulted in four players suffering serious injuries. The 1xBet betting website can be checked now if you wish to wager on the modern version of this sport. This occurrence, plus other instances where players even died, resulted in many match suspensions.

A catastrophic year

The numbers of injuries and deaths in early American football were still unacceptably high during the early 20th century. The best betting live casino on 1xbet.pk/casino can be visited while waiting for the next American football match too. In contrast with modern American football, in those years the sport was characterized by much more collisions, and by far less safety measures.

However, 1905 surpassed all limits. During that year, a total of 19 players died. The live betting casino on the 1xBet platform has a great collection of games that you can explore before the next NFL event starts.

This even angered Theodore Roosevelt himself, who was the President of the United States at the time. He threatened to make the game illegal, unless it was completely reformed to make it safer.

Reforming the sport

Some people claim that Roosevelt didn’t have the authority to ban the game. The https://www.1xbet.pk/live website also features all NFL matches, where you can make all kinds of live wagers. However, his opinion regarding all those deaths still convinced sport authorities that changes were necessary.

American football was mostly played by universities at the time. Roosevelt met with representatives from three institutions, which were:

  • Yale;
  • Harvard;
  • and Princeton.

After the meeting, work began to change the rules of the sport. For example, the number of scrimmage plays was reduced from 4 to 3, which resulted in less collisions. In 1906 other important occurrences were made, including the establishment of the NCAA and the introduction of the forward pass. These aspects were essential in modeling the sport that people know and love today, and which can be wagered at the 1xBet site.

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