The former Pro40

Sadly, not all cricket competitions are able to survive. You can go to 1xBet for online betting on other great tournaments from this sport. One of these examples is the former Pro40.

This competition was created back in 1969. Test and ODI cricket were dominating in the era, and T20 hadn’t been invented yet. Here the Pro40 came with a revolutionary idea for the time. It was a cool blend of speed and strategy, packing all the punches of cricket into a neat 40 overs per side format. You can use 1xBet for online betting, and it is also possible to go to this platform for making wagers on other competitions of this sport too.

A refreshing tournament

The Pro40 can be credited with bringing in a fresh vibe to the game. For 4 decades, counties across England duked it out in this league, and it was a spectacle, to say the least. Sussex and Warwickshire were like the stars of the show in the later years, with Sussex snagging the title 3 times in the decade leading up to the competition’s end. You can now get the 1xBet download iOS application to wager on the best English county teams too. Other teams that also claimed the title were:

  • Warwickshire, with 3 titles;
  • Leicestershire, with 2 titles;
  • and Surrey, also with 2 titles.

Only 2 teams were unable to claim the tournament during its entire existence, which were Durham and Northamptonshire. If you download the 1xBet application for iOS, you will also be able to wager on all matches played by those teams too.

How did the tournament evolve

What’s super interesting about the Pro40 is how it evolved. It started off as the Sunday League, which basically meant that English fans had a great thing to do while resting on Sundays. If you like other cricket competitions played in England, you can wager on them by going to the website.

Through the years, it went through a few makeovers, changing sponsors and the format. However, the essence remained the same, which was giving accessible and thrilling cricket for everybody.

When the Pro40 curtain fell in 2009, it was a bit bittersweet, as it still had plenty of followers. Sure, T20 cricket was waiting in the wings, ready to take over with its even faster-paced action, but the Pro40 had this unique charm, a mix of tradition and innovation that really resonated with fans. The modern Twenty20 variation of cricket is another great sport that you can wager by going to the 1xBet platform.

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