Get Thick and Well Defined Blonde Hair from ONYC Hair

Do you need the perfect blonde straight weave? Have you been thinking about what it will be like to go blonde? Do you want to try out gold locks for a change? Then you try out the blonde extensions from ONYC Hair. Still not convinced? Keep reading this article for more information.

Why Choose ONYC’s Blonde Straight Weave?

There are different types of extensions and many colors to select from, but to look good, one must go for the perfect wefts. 

The blonde straight weave from the  ONYC is one of those perfect weaves that will spice up your hair game. With perfect pin-straight strands, these beautiful extensions are becoming popular. 

If there is one thing we all love about straight hair, it is its low maintenance. Though easy to maintain, the durability of an extension is dependent on the care it receives. This article will give you tips on how to maintain blonde hair extensions.

Qualities of The Blonde Straight Weave From ONYC

ONYC Hair is a trusted international hair company, that provides its customers with high-quality extensions. The blonde straight weave from the company is one of a kind. Following research on customer reviews, here are some of the best qualities of the blonde wefts.

Thick, Soft, and Silky Strands

Though it is thick with volume, the customers of ONYC testify to the unbelievably soft strands on the blonde-colored hair extensions. The weft has a very soft, and silky feel. This feature ensures high durability due to the absence of tangles. The silky texture also makes the wefts easy to maintain.

High Durability

The wefts from ONYC have high durability due to their texture and quality. The extensions are reusable and, with proper maintenance, they can last up to a year or two. The weave retains its texture even after washing and heat-styling.

Heat-friendly Weaves

The blonde straight weave is 100% heat friendly. So much effort is put into the manufacturing process to create strands resistant to heat. Although great for curls and a sleek look, ONYC does not recommend overdoing it with heat-styling tools. This feature provides more versatility. You can change your look with curls, waves, and more. All you need is a little heat manipulation.

Safe and Lightweight

Safety is one of the things ONYC Hair considers during the manufacturing process. Extensions can ruin natural hair due to the extra weight on the tresses. These colored relaxed hair from ONYC are different. The blonde weaves have good enough volume. However, the strands are light enough not to cause customers discomfort or pain. 

Natural Looking

The blonde wefts have good quality and durability. This is a fact. The extensions also have a natural look, which is an important quality for a good weft. The strands have very high luster, giving the wefts a shiny and healthy look. The extensions also have a lot of movement, making the wefts look natural with every sway.

How to Maintain Blonde Straight Weave

Though perfect in many ways, your blonde straight weave can only last long and look beautiful when you maintain it properly. Maintaining blonde wefts is similar to the routine for relaxed hair care

Here are a few tips on the daily care of your wefts;

  • Always sulfate and paraben-free products.
  • Keep your strands clean by washing them once every five wears.
  • Use a conditioner after every wash. It softens the tresses and retains its silky texture.
  • Moisturize your blonde extension properly with light oils and serums.
  • Refrain from using many products, as the strands have a high luster.
  • Detangle your weave daily with a paddle brush after moisturizing.

Do you still have doubts? Purchase a blonde straight weave from ONYC’s silky straight collection and see what all the raving is about. Buy your blonde extensions today.

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