Using Empowering Language As A Yoga Teacher 

You must have faced teachers in school, who make you feel good. Such teachers are the ones, who make the school seem like second home for you. The same principles apply to the yoga class. If you want to become a very charismatic yoga teacher, then you must join the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. 

On the other hand, you may have faced teachers who make you feel unworthy of yourself. If this sounds bad, then imagine the circumstances of the students, who actually have to endure such things. Now, it is possible for you to step into the role of a good yoga teacher, with grace. Join Living Yoga School, one of the top schools in Rishikesh for yoga. 

There are ways, by which you can develop yourself to be the teacher, whom students can always look up to. 

Using Empowering Language In Class 

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India consists of modules, which cover teaching pedagogy. You will learn how to observe a class full of students, to pick up cues about their versatility. The better you know them, more scope you have as a teacher. You will also learn to choose the right words, as you progress, and while interacting with your students in class. 

  • You should always remember to use positive words while in class. You should always stress on what should be happening in a pose or sequence, rather than what should not happen. Positivity drives positive actions. By keeping your teaching language positive, you can spread an aura of positivity around you. Your students will also start to feel more comfortable around you. 
  • You should always stay in the present. And, that is what, you should push your students for. Yoga is a practice which is aimed towards being in the present, and always being aware. You can bring some mindfulness into your student’s life, by being aware of yourself and your surroundings. Try to keep your students focussed on the present. 
  • Offer different options to your students. In every yoga class, there will be students with different levels of prowess. Even if you are taking a beginner’s class, you will find students of different age groups. So, what a 16-year old male student can do, will be different from what a 60-year old grandma can, right? Moreover, there will be weak students and strong students. You should have a lot of flexibility in dealing with such differences. Think about modifications and variations, of every single pose, which you plan to teach on a given day. 
  • Remove yourself from the session, and concentrate more on the ‘we’. You should not use words like ‘I’, ‘myself’, and so on. However, you can use personal examples from time to time. Furthermore, stress on all the students. You can say something like, ‘We will achieve this level today’. Doesn’t this sound empowering? This will surely make your learners more enthusiastic as well. 
  • You must never tell your class, what they should feel. Everyone’s sensations are different, as everybody is unique. Encourage your learners to explore their bodies and thought processes. You can also teach them to be more and more curious. However, refrain from saying what they should feel. 
  • Again using gender-specific language is a complete No-No. Today, you cannot just know about anyone’s gender-orientation, by their looks. Times have changed. There could be a transgender among your students. Mentioning the gender, can put such people into a shell. You will make them more self-conscious. Create a yoga class, which is like a haven for all. Body positivity should be stressed on. 

 The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India will teach more words and phrases, which you can use in the yoga class. You can also use powerful adjectives, while speaking to your class. They will amplify the effects. 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India – Teaching Practice 

As a part of the course, you will also learn about teaching modalities in the class. The opportunities for you are limitless. Living Yoga School is one of the best yoga schools in the country, for professional yoga teacher training. You will come face-to-face with the best teachers, who have been practicing yoga for a long time. So, they have the complete expertise to guide you. 

You will be able to engage in observation of teaching methods, in the class itself. These are addressed as observation classes. Moreover, there will be brief periods, when you will also assist the teachers to teach other groups of students. This gives you a fair idea, of what to expect in a class of your own. The course is of comprehensive nature, and will help you to bloom. You can enrol for the course, if you feel that your calling lies in teaching yoga. Additionally, there are people who do the course for self-development. Later on, you will find them choosing yoga teaching as a career option. You are also entitled to a Yoga Alliance certificate after you complete the program. So, that makes you more viable. So, join the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, now. 

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