Unveiling the Dark Side: 5 Shocking Facts About Cocaine

Cocaine is a drug derived from the coca plant and is known for its stimulant qualities. In fact, people have consumed the leaves of this plant for thousands of years. To these indigenous peoples, this plant is a normal part of life. While this may seem shocking, the leaves themselves give a slight boost, but probably not more than your average cup of coffee.

However, when it gets processed and turned into powder, the effects of cocaine are much stronger and more addictive. There are many interesting things about this highly addictive drug, here are five of them.

Cocaine Can Stay in Urine for Up to 2 Weeks

Many people want to know how long does cocaine stay in urine and the truth is that it depends. Active drug users may have traces of cocaine in a urine test for up to two weeks after the last time they used it. For someone who is an occasional or first-time cocaine user, it may only stay in the system and be detected in a urine test for 2-3 days. Different factors like metabolism, body weight, amount consumed, and even liver health can impact how long the drug is detectable.

Cocaine Used to Be Legal

If cocaine were still legal, most people wouldn’t be asking how long does cocaine stay in urine. But because it’s not legal anymore, people are concerned about drug testing that could get them in trouble. The truth is, in the 1800s this drug was widely available and super cheap. In fact, it was used in baby teething medicine, local anesthesia, shampoo, and even as a treatment for other addictions. Cocaine was also an ingredient found in Coca-Cola until 1903. Caffeine eventually replaced cocaine as a stimulant after cocaine became illegal.

It is One of the Most Commonly Abused Drugs in the USA

Marijuana is the most common drug to abuse in the USA, and cocaine comes in second. It’s interesting that on the one hand, a depressant like marijuana is popular and on the other hand, a very powerful stimulant like cocaine is so popular as well. It’s so much more than just asking about how long does cocaine stay in urine, it’s also about how the drug impacts the body and brain over the long term.

Around 400,000 Babies Are Born Addicted to Cocaine Annually

Unfortunately, one of the issues of cocaine addiction is that it can impact babies in the womb. Because cocaine addiction is so prevalent, it’s possible to get pregnant while you are an active drug user. While some pregnant moms successfully go through drug rehab programs while pregnant, others do not. And the outcome is a drug-addicted baby who needs to be detoxed safely.

The Drug is Often Mixed With Other Ingredients

If you think your white powder just contains cocaine, think again. Not only can other drugs easily be added to the mix, but cocaine is often cut with cheaper ingredients like boric acid or creatine to help extend the batch or heighten the effects. While some of these are not the worst ingredients, others can have long-term negative health consequences.


While cocaine use has been around in some form for thousands of years, modern forms of it are highly addictive and can cause great harm. This is evident in babies born to drug-addicted mamas and in how frequently this drug is abused. If you or someone you love is addicted to cocaine, there is help available.

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