Why Is Live Train Running Status Important For Food Delivery In Train?

It’s the time of the year again when the mercury is falling. Cold weather conditions and thick fog are causing unprecedented delays in train arrival and departures. Without a doubt, the prolonged delays disrupt travel plans. But online travel-related facilities offer huge respite — facilities like a live train running status save you from the endless wait at the railway platforms. 

But if you are a passenger on a train that’s running late, the live train running status comes as a major benefit for convenient food delivery in train.

What Is Live Train Running Status Check?

The live train running status check is an online travel-related service that provides information about the exact location of the passenger train. The GPS-enabled facility provides real-time updates on the moving train. It provides comprehensive information about the projected arrival time, the names of upcoming stations, and the expected departure time from each station. 

The facility can be availed through any IRCTC-approved and authorized travel booking partner. Log on to the respective website or download the app from the Play Store or Apple Store for Android and iOS phones, respectively. 

  • Move to the ‘Check Live Train Running Status’ link.
  • Enter the 5-digit train number in the search box.
  • Select the boarding station.
  • The train’s scheduled arrival/departure time along with the current arrival/departure time with the current delay status, will appear on the screen.

How is Live Train Status Check Helpful For Food Delivery In Train?

The standout feature of the e-catering facility launched by IRCTC is the food delivery in train. Hot, fresh, and favorite delights are delivered directly at the station. The food is served instantly at the seat number as you enjoy your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant, even while traveling.   

However, the whole mechanism of online food order delivery in trains is based on the basic assumption that the trains are running as per schedule. There are no delays in arrival and departure. However, this is not the case every time. To ensure passenger safety, the IRCTC trains alter the departure and arrival schedule keeping in mind weather conditions and other technical constraints. 

Thus, a live train status check is mandatory to enjoy the food delivery in train

Here’s a quick look into how the online order in the train facility works:

Open the website link or the mobile application of the IRCTC-authorized food booking portal. Before you get to the ‘order food in train’ link, it is mandatory to do a live train status check to know the current train running status. Go to the ‘order food in train’ link only after you have the information about the next scheduled station. 

  • Select Delivery Station – To initiate the process of food delivery in the train, enter the details of the delivery station. The delivery station can be next in line at the scheduled stoppage or the subsequent one, depending on when you want your food delivered. 
  • Enter the Train Number – Before you get to start booking your favorite meal, you’ll have to enter your 5-digit train number or the 10-digit PNR number. Both numbers are printed on your train ticket.
  • Choose From The Menu – Search from the diverse menu options section. You can order regular North or South Indian meals or go in for Italian, Chinese, or Continental delights. You can also order or add beverages and desserts as per preference. 
  • Add Items To Cart – Add the selected items to the cart. You can make the final changes to the order list before proceeding to the payment stage.
  • Make Payment – IRCTC’s e-catering service allows its passengers to pay through any preferred payment mode. Pay through e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, or UPI links to pay for the food delivery in train order. 

Once the payment is processed, an order confirmation is received on the mobile number and the registered email address. Sit back and relax as your online order is being prepared. Once the train reaches the scheduled station, the food partner will execute your food delivery in train. As the delivery is made directly on the seat, this saves the passengers all the hassles of getting down on the platform to grab their favorite meal. 


The upcoming holiday season is the time for joy, celebration, and travel. Don’t let unwanted delays in train travel due to weather conditions dampen your celebration spirit. Use the live train status check to get real-time updates on the current status of the train. This will help you reach the station just before the train boarding time, book taxis for pick-up, and drop to the destination without cancellations. Last but not least, the live train status check is a mandatory check before booking for a food delivery in train. This will help you enjoy hot, fresh meals without worrying about the train running late due to foggy weather conditions. 


Does a live train running status check generate accurate results?

The live train running status check done through any IRCTC-authorized travel booking partner provides 100% accurate results. As the results are derived from mobile GPS or cell towers of the devices shared by the users, the status information provided is safe from manual errors. 

How frequently should I check the live train running status?

Frequently checking live train running status is critical as it cuts down on wait time while waiting to board your train. It also reduces hassles related to online taxi booking to and from your destination. The live train running status is a real-time update. It is recommended to check the status updates occasionally for better travel planning.

How is the food delivery in train done if the train is running late?

The passenger must do a live train running status check before booking a food delivery in train. Also, the train schedule and the e-catering delivery partner are connected digitally to get the latest updates on the running schedule. So, the e-catering partners ensure the food is delivered at the scheduled station even if the train is running late. 

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