Caring for Your Hair Topper: Maintenance Tips for Longevity and Style

If you are interested in purchasing hair toppers for women, or are an existing user who is interested in expert tips to increase the lifespan of your hair pieces for women, then this is the blog for you. A hair topper is a type of hairpiece that covers a portion of the scalp in order to hide balding or thinning areas, or to add extra volume to existing hair. These toppers are a great choice for many women to enhance their hair, but they come with a not-insignificant financial investment. When you are spending good money to get a high quality product, you want to make sure that that product lasts as long as possible while still keeping its beautiful appearance. However, not everyone knows how to do that, so we’ve written this handy guide to outline some of the easiest ways you can improve your maintenance routine! Just follow these steps and you will be sure to get extra life out of your favorite hair toppers for women.

Take it off at night

The importance of hair care cannot be understated. Hair toppers for women are a great way to add volume, length, and style to your hair. However, it is important to take care of your hair topper to ensure that it lasts and looks its best. One of the best ways to do this is to remove your hair topper before going to bed. Movement during sleep can tug and tear at the hair, causing tangles and even breakage. If possible, remove your hair topper before bed to keep friction on the hair as minimal as possible.

Sleep with a silk pillowcase

If it is not possible for you to remove your hair pieces for women before going to bed, there are still ways to protect the hair and keep it in better condition. Sleeping with a silk pillowcase is a great way to do this. Silk is a slipper and soft material that is well known for making a great pillowcase. It does not cause as much friction on hair and has been proven to reduce frizz and tangles in the morning compared to a regular pillowcase. This is true for natural hair, and remains true for hairpieces. 

Do not brush in the shower

This may surprise many readers, but it is actually not best to brush your hair toppers for women while in the shower. While brushing natural hair in the shower may be quite common, the process can be damaging for hairpieces. Largely this is due to the fact that the hair is knotted or injected into the base of the piece. When the knots become wet, and ESPECIALLY when they have shampoo or conditioner on them, they get more slippery and thus come loose more easily. This means that if you then brush the hair while it is in this slippery state, the strands will come loose more than usual. In order to avoid excess shedding, it is best to brush the hair outside of the shower. Try using a spray bottle to wet the hair without going near the roots as an alternative.

Store properly when not in use

Another thing that can greatly improve the lifespan of your women’s hairpieces is to store it properly when you are not using it. This may seem like common sense, but many people do not realize that special care should be taken to protect the hair topper when it is not attached to the head. Exposure to air that is too dry or too moist can affect the condition of the hair strands. Most often not storing the hair topper properly results in the hair becoming dried out, and in color fading prematurely. Try to store the topper in a cool dark place. If you won’t be wearing it for a while after purchasing, leaving it in the box it came in is a good way to protect it. If you want it to hold its shape, using a mannequin or wig stand may help.

Protect from the sun

The sun is the enemy of hairpieces for women in one very big way – it will fade the color to the extreme. This is primarily an issue for human hair toppers for women, so if you are using a synthetic system it won’t be as much of a problem. Just like the sun lightens natural hair and burns the skin, it will also have effects on hair toppers that use human hair. Because the human hair to make the toppers usually needs to be processed in order to achieve the desired color, the sun will have a dramatic effect in fading the dye that is used. This can cause a hairpiece that is meant to be jet black to start fading to brown, for example. The best ways to prevent this are to wear a hat to cover as much of the topper as possible and/or to use a sun protector spray on the hair before going out. Simply staying in the shade is a great option too!

Keeping your hairpiece looking its best for as long as possible should be a high priority for users of women’s hair toppers. When you spend money on something, you don’t want to be constantly spending that same money again and again to replace the item because it was not cared for well. By following these simple tips, you can make maintenance easier and increase the longevity and good looks of your beautiful new locks. If you’re looking for supplies to care for your hair toppers for women, or even if you are looking for a new topper, try Superhairpieces for a high-quality piece that is sure to look great.

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