A Comprehensive Guide to the Benefits of Dual Pro Profiled Mattress by Sleepwell

Dual Pro Profiled Mattress by Sleepwell is one of the most efficient products the brand has provided as the epitome of comfort and body support. The USP of this mattress is its reversible or flippable nature. It means you can use this mattress in two ways: one on one side and the other by flipping it over.

It has a firm and soft side, ensuring you get the utmost comfort depending on your mood and preferences. Sleepwell, one of the reputed brands, has added noteworthy technologies to its Dual Pro Profiles Mattress product to make it the best flippable option in the market. 

If you have encountered this mattress during your search, you should know more about it before deciding. This article will highlight some of the stand-out benefits of the Dual Pro Profiled product to help you clarify whether you should buy Sleepwell dual comfort mattresses. So, read along till the end to find out! 

What is a Reversible or Two-Sided Mattress? Why Should You Purchase One?

Before you learn the in-depth benefits of the Dual Pro Profiles mattress, you must first understand what a dual comfort mattress is. 

So, for your basic knowledge, a two-sided, reversible or flippable mattress is designed to provide you with comfortable sleep, irrespective of which side you prefer sleeping on. Both sides of such mattresses come with a comfort layer, which spreads uniformly across the diverse mattress surface. 

Such mattresses have longer lifespans; you can interchange the sides and minimise the wear & tear experienced on each side. To help you feel more convinced about buying a two-sided mattress, here are a few reasons for you to count on:

1. Get the Right Worth for the Money Spent

When you look to buy a luxury or premium mattress, you ought to spend a good amount of money to acquire the best products. Similarly, you will invest considerably when purchasing a dual bed mattress. But, as mattresses tend to last longer and offer a high comfort quotient, your assets will be worth it. 

2. Dual Bed Mattresses are Highly Durable

Compared to conventional mattresses, buying the best dual comfort mattress will ensure optimal durability, making the product last longer. As you flip or rotate the mattress frequently throughout the year, the unused paddings will have enough time to recover. Thus, the life of the mattress will be improved without hampering the comfort and support. 

3. Supports Even Weight Distribution

You can expect a uniform weight distribution across the surface using a dual bed mattress. Thus, it will enable the unused side of the mattress to recover efficiently while your body weight gets distributed evenly over the top surface. Moreover, even weight distribution also helps you attain a comfortable sleep, as it will be easier to move in bed without disturbing your sleep. 

What are the Benefits of Choosing Sleepwell’s Dual Pro Profiled Mattress?

Buying a dual comfort mattress online is a wise decision, but there are still many options to shortlist the best one. Sleepwell is one big brand the Indians have trusted for a long time. This brand has promised and delivered the utmost comfort for people to attain a good night’s sleep. 

Every need and expectation that people have from modern-day mattresses is well-attended by Sleepwell. Keeping the same vision in mind, Sleepwell introduced the Dual Pro Profiles Mattress to meet your demands for buying dual comfort mattresses online. But how do you conclude it’s the best in the market among all competitors’ products? Well, here are some of its benefits that will help you decide on it yourself:

1. It comes with a Soft PU Foam

Sleepwell uses a snug and superior PU foam, which has been tested rigorously to define the ultimate softness and resilience of the material. The purpose of using PU foam is to provide the right feel on either side of the mattress. 

Moreover, the PU foam is also profiled and ergonomically designed to offer unique pressure relief across diverse strained muscles or joints. Furthermore, the build quality enhances airflow, bounciness, and freshness. The mattress’s calibration is done to offer maximum support to your body. 

2. Cost-Effective Options

The cost of the Dual Pro Profiles mattress by Sleepwell might be slightly higher than that of the conventional mattresses. But it is worth the purchase, as you will get the perks of two mattresses in one. It indicates that you can avail yourself of the flexibility of flipping and using the mattress as per your desire or comfort preference without paying the price of two products. 

Apart from that, Sleepwell also offers you options on single, queen, and king-size beds on this model at nominal pricing. Irrespective of what size you buy, your ROI will be higher. In addition to that, consider purchasing a custom-sized Dual Pro Profiled mattress at a reasonable price. 

3. Improved Comfort Quotient

When you buy the Dual Pro Profiled Mattress, you can attain the desired comfort by sleeping on select sides per your body’s needs. One of the sides is soft, whereas the other offers a medium-firm feel. So, if you don’t want to sleep on the sinking side of the mattress at some point in the year, flip it to the medium-firm side. 

Technically, it is advised for people to switch to the gentle side of the mattress during the hot summers and turn it around to sleep on the firmer side during the cold winters. But you don’t need to follow this cycle, as you can switch sides anytime you feel like it. Both surfaces offer the utmost comfort and a good night’s sleep.

In this product by Sleepwell, the dual surfaces have been highlighted in darker and lighter colour tones. The darker tone represents the firmer side of the mattress, whereas the lighter tone replicates a gentle feel.

4. Available in Various Sizes

There are a lot of pre-set sizes for you to opt for when choosing the Dual Pro Profiled mattress by Sleepwell. You can go with single, queen, or king-sized options. In all these categories, you can select your desired thickness levels between 5 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches models. There are a lot of size dimensions mentioned for all the categories, ensuring you find the perfect one that fits your bed. 

If you have a custom-sized bed, you can opt for the ‘Custom’ size selector option from the product page. You can measure the length and width of your bed size and enter the details in the given section in inches. This way, you can buy a Dual Pro Profiled mattress of your preferred size. 

5. Provides Healthy Breathability and Air Circulation

Both sides of the Dual Pro Profiled mattress come with breathable properties, ensuring you sleep cool and comfortable throughout the night. Moreover, this characteristic also helps alleviate the pressure from the sore points of your body and joints, ensuring your spinal column is efficiently aligned. 

Not only that, but sleeping on a breathable mattress also ensures your blood circulation is improved. Apart from that, proper air circulation or ventilation properties are also made available with this mattress, ensuring good hygiene and temperature regulation. You will sleep more comfortably with adequate air movement within the mattress, and this property is a constant for either side of this dual comfort mattress.

How Frequently Should You Flip the Dual Pro Profiled Mattress?

The frequency of flipping the Dual Pro Profiled mattress depends on your preferences. This product by Sleepwell is amazingly light in weight, making it convenient for you to switch sides of the mattress anytime you want. But, if you stick to the books, you can flip the side every month or do it twice as per seasonal comfort needs. 

Apart from that, as the Dual Pro Profiled mattress has a gentle and firm side, you can flip it anytime you feel like adjusting the sleeping surface. Even though the mattress is light in weight compared to most conventional mattresses, getting some helping hands while flipping it over is still advised. In case you have some chronic back pain issues, you should let someone else do the flipping!


It depicts the benefits of buying a Dual Pro Profiled mattress by Sleepwell to attain the best comfort at reasonable pricing. The durability, comfort, quality materials, and modern construction technologies make this mattress a worthy purchase. 

Check out the Sleepwell store and learn more about the Dual Pro Profiled mattress before you order it. If you want help choosing the custom size, a built-in ‘Size Guide’ is available at the Sleepwell store, which will help you make the right mattress-buying decision. 

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