Online MBA and Distance MBA: Which One is Right for You?

The postgraduate degree program, an MBA, or “Master of Business Administration,” teaches students how to manage various corporate functions like finance, human resources, and more. You will study both theoretical information and practical skills that will aid in your understanding of many company management facets. Having an MBA can advance your career by giving you access to managerial roles and improving the appeal of your resume. Additionally, it broadens your range of possible professional paths and improves your capacity for productive collaboration with businesses.

How to Choose the Program

It may appear difficult to choose an MBA University, but it begins with fulfilling several requirements:

  • Any field you choose should require an undergraduate degree.
  • You may have to pass an entrance test like the CAT, MAT, or GMAT. CAT is typical, however, a high GMAT score can also be beneficial.
  • It’s critical to have an objective for why you want an MBA once you’ve fulfilled these requirements. It might be done to improve job prospects, advance professionally, or change careers. Your objective will aid in your choice of traditional, distance learning, or online MBA programs.
  • Finally, decide on a specialism depending on your interests. Finance, Marketing, HRM (Human Resource Management), Analytics, and IT are typical MBA concentrations.

Online MBA Programs

This is the latest approach to education that makes use of online tools like Moodle, Collaborate, or Blackboard. These platforms make it possible to hold online tests, facilitate online conversations, distribute video lectures, and give study resources.

Being able to learn at your own pace makes an Online MBA Course a highly flexible and useful option to complete your MBA. With an online MBA, you have the flexibility to choose from universities anywhere, regardless of where you live, and you may study and complete your course at your speed. Additionally, you can get career advice from professionals in the field who can do it from the comfort of their own homes.

Distance MBA Programs

It is commonly referred to as a “correspondence course.” Students are given access to these tools and study materials via email or postal mail. These instructional aids come in the form of PDFs, videos, and other written publications.

In India, a MBA distance education is created for students who desire to work while they study. To pass a course, colleges frequently demand that you show up in person for at least two or three days a week. However, in the current environment, these classes are frequently held at set times online. Depending on the college, the course can last anywhere from 2.5 and 3 years in length. Anyone with a job who can set aside a few days a week can enroll in a distance learning MBA program.

Eligibility Criteria

An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a curriculum created for both working professionals wishing to grow in their corporate jobs and recent graduates looking to start their careers in business and management. Any graduate with a bachelor’s degree and a minimal passing grade—whether it be in the fields of BA, BBA, B.Com, B.Tech, or B.Sc—can enroll in an online MBA program or choose a distance MBA. While some universities require entrance tests or take into account scores from MBA entrance exams like the CAT, MAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, and others for admission, the majority of colleges admit students to their Online MBA and Distance MBA programs primarily on merit.

Difference between Online MBA and Distance MBA

Aspect Distance MBA Online MBA
Eligibility One must graduate from a recognized university with a minimum of 50 percent marks. Eligibility includes having a Bachelor’s degree with a 50% aggregate score.
Placement Assistance Depending on the institution Placement Support
Mentorship Only 4-5 doubt sessions per year Complete guidance
Flexibility The program can be completed according to each student’s schedule and does not require adherence to a specific timetable like an Online MBA. It demands a high level of discipline, and the presence of various distractions can make it challenging for students to stay focused. However, this can also help students enhance their time management skills
Student-Teacher Interaction  

There is minimal interaction between students and teachers, with their main focus being on meeting exam deadlines and submission dates.



It involves an interactive teaching approach where teachers and students frequently engage through digital platforms.


Alumni Status No Benefits Given Alumni status
Assignments and Exams  

Students complete their courses by receiving study materials and submitting their coursework at regional study centers.



Students are required to finish and turn in their assignments and exams online within specified deadlines, eliminating the need to visit the college in person.


Accreditation Although many recognized universities offer distance MBA courses, they offer fewer specifications. Many UGC & internationally approved online MBA degree programs are available in various fields nowadays.
Mock Interview No such provision Yes, given by Industry Experts (1:1)
Attendance Not Required Not Required (except for some cases)

Career Opportunities

Obtaining an MBA online or through a distance learning program opens up a variety of professional options in many fields and positions:

  • Sales Manager: Sales Managers coordinate the efforts of the sales force. They establish sales goals, assign territory, train salespeople, and create sales strategies while collaborating closely with salespeople.
  • Marketing Manager: Marketing Managers are in charge of organizing and carrying out marketing initiatives that will raise consumer awareness and create demand for goods and services. They gauge how interested the audience is in fresh items.
  • Human resource Managers: Human resource managers are in charge of employee benefit plans, hiring, performance reviews, and compensation management, which includes pay scales and benefit plans.

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In conclusion, Your interests and demands will determine whether you enroll in an online or distance-learning MBA course. Although each choice has advantages and disadvantages, they both provide the flexibility of home study. Although teaching strategies may differ, a top-notch education is the main objective.


Q.1: Which one should we opt for an online MBA or a Distance MBA?

A: In e-learning, there exists a virtual closeness between the teacher and student, creating a more interactive environment similar to a typical classroom discussion.

Q.2: Is Online MBA and distance MBA valid?

A: Yes, it is valid but the online university you are choosing should be accredited.

Q.3: Can I pursue an online MBA while working?

A: Yes, you can pursue an online MBA while working.

Q.3: What is the duration of the Online MBA or Distance MBA?

A: The duration of the program is generally 2 years.

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