Men’s Slides: Know How To Find Your Perfect Pairs Of Slides

Slides have been going in and out of fashion since ancient Roman times. Until a few years ago, mens slides were considered lazy boy’s footwear. However, slides have recently entered the acceptable, sometimes even fashionable, footwear category for informal events and casual day outs. 

These versatile, easy-to-wear sandals have become a staple for men of all ages. Whether heading to the beach, running errands, or just lounging around, a good pair of slides can be your perfect companion.

If you want to buy your next pair of mens slides, here is an easy guide to help you choose an ideal pair. But first, let’s understand what we mean by slide – the footwear.

1.What is a Slide?

Slides are open-toed sandals with an exposed heel and a single strap over the top of the foot. The name comes from the fact that you just need to slide your foot in to wear them. Their design makes them easy to slip on and off while offering the best ventilation, making them perfect for summer. 

You can find trending mens slides in various materials, including rubber, leather, synthetic, and fabric. The shape of a slide is flat-soled but contoured to provide ample support to the foot. Some slides are cushioned to make them comfortable to walk in, while others are hard.

A slide is a versatile footwear option that is mostly advisable for extremely informal day outs with the right outfit. They are perfect for wearing in the house, allowing for quick opening when jumping in the bed or on the sofa. However, it is best to avoid them for formal events.

2.Things to Consider When Choosing a Pair of Mens Slides

Even though slides may seem like easy enough footwear to buy, there are various things you need to consider to ensure a durable pair that is comfortable for everyday use and offers good foot support while looking cool.

  • Comfort

The primary reason why people choose slides is for the comfort they provide. A cosy pair of slides can be worn for hours without any discomfort or pain. If you want slides to wear for long periods, choose one with super soft cushioning instead of a hard sole. A contoured footbed and an arch support are good for the feet, and the extra cushioning makes the slides extremely comfortable.

  • Size

While it might make sense to buy one that is not too small for the feet, just like all the other footwear, you need to consider choosing the perfect size of mens slides for your feet, one that is not too big or small, but just right. 

When you wear a pair of slides, the optimum space between your heel and the edge of the shoe is 5 mm. The space between the biggest toe and the footbed edge is 10 mm. Moreover, the slides should not be too narrow as they can pinch your toes together, leading to problems like bunions, hammer toes or corn. Likewise, the shoes should not be too wide as it would impact your walk and even slide out from under your feet by being loose.

  • Material

The material of slides is important to consider when deciding where you will be wearing the shoes. If you are looking for beach-wear slides, choose a pair of rubber slides since they are waterproof and easy to clean. On the other hand, if you want a pair to wear in the home, any IMEVA slide provides good comfort.

If you are looking for slides to wear at informal events where you might be dressing for the occasion, go for a pair of sophisticated leather slides in dark colours like brown, olive green or black. 

  • Strap

Slides come in a variety of straps. The material of the straps also varies, including rubber, EVA, synthetic, leather, and even fabric. 

The most common mens slides you will encounter are single, broad-strap slides. Sometimes, you also get velcro straps that open and close to suit your upper foot. Leather or slightly dressier slides often have straps criss-crossing in an ‘X’ shape over the foot to offer a more sophisticated look.

  • Versatility

Are you looking for mens slides to be worn with a particular outfit, or do you need them to be versatile? Consider how functional you want the slide to be. Neutral colours and classic designs are more versatile and can be paired with a range of casual ensembles.

  • Durability

Investing in a pair of mens slides that will last a long time is always smart. A good way to understand how durable a pair is is by checking customer reviews and reading the material description. Quality slides might come with a slightly higher price tag but will save you money in the long run.

3. How to Find Your Perfect Pair of Slides?

Now that you know everything you should remember when buying the slides, here is how to find the right pair, whether you step out to the store to buy them or are looking for trending mens slides online.

  • Determine Your Needs

First, identify the purpose of buying the mens slides. Are you looking for a pair to wear around the house, to the gym, at the pool, or for casual outings? You will easily narrow down your options out of the hundreds of choices by knowing where and how you plan to wear them. 

  • What is Your Budget?

Slides are some of the most affordable footwear you will ever come across. It is always good to remember that low prices do not always mean high quality. Thus, set your budget accordingly. 

If you want a truly comfortable pair made of high-quality and durable material, set a higher budget. If you are not planning on wearing them for hours, then a mid or low-budget pair should also work.

  • Consider Your Wardrobe 

What is your personal style? What is the colour you most often see in your wardrobe? Try to choose a pair of slides that complement most of your casual outfits. Neutral colours like black, white, grey, or navy are often safe since they can be easily paired with various outfits.

  • Try Them On

If you plan to shop in-store, go there in the evening since your feet swell up throughout the day, and that is when they will be at their largest. Wear the slides and walk around the shop. Notice any tightness, rubbing, or pinching of the toes. If you buy a pair online, try them on as soon as they arrive and exchange them for a different-sized pair if they seem too tight or loose.


Remember the guide when you buy your first or next pair of slides to find the perfect fit. Wear them on a run to the department store or pair them with some neatly ironed linen pants to the beach or yacht. Once you understand the comfort and freedom of a good pair of mens slides, you may never want to return to close-toed shoes ever again!

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