Navigating The Legal Process: What To Expect When Filing A Car Wreck Claim In Memphis, TN

When you experience an accident, you will probably get confused and frustrated, as you do not know what to do. The legal process can be complicated, especially if you have physical, emotional, financial, or other problems.

Nevertheless, being aware of what to expect can, to a certain extent, reduce stress and uncertainty. This detailed article will show you the legal procedure for submitting a car wreck claim and how a car wreck lawyer Memphis, TN, can assist you.

Filing A Complaint and Discovery

The legal process starts with the filing of a lawsuit. Start the process by booking an appointment with an experienced car wreck lawyer in Memphis, TN, where your lawyer will collect the facts of your case, the details of the accident, your injuries, and any other relevant information.

After the lawyer has gathered all the information about your case, they file the complaint with the court, and the judicial process begins. In the discovery phase, both parties share the information. This could be the eyewitness testimonies, police reports, medical records, and other evidence that is related to the case.

Pre-trial Motions, Negotiations, and Settlements

Before the actual trial commences, both parties can hold pre-trial motions, such as motions for dismissal. Car accident claims are usually settled out of court through negotiations. If you find a car wreck lawyer Memphis, TN, your lawyer will negotiate with the other party so you can be awarded fair compensation for the injuries and damages. If no agreement is possible, the case may progress to a trial.

Trial, Appeals, and Enforcement

If the case is taken to trial, your lawyer will litigate it. This procedure includes gathering the evidence and making the legal arguments that will be used in court. During the trial, every party presents proof and reasons to the judge or jury.

After considering all the facts, the judge will give a verdict. If either party is unhappy with the ruling, they can appeal to a higher court. An appeal involves analyzing the court’s ruling for any legal mistakes that may have changed the result of the case.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

The legal process can be very complicated, especially after a car accident. However, if you find a car wreck lawyer Memphis, TN, they will provide legal help and guidance throughout the case. Your lawyer will also collect evidence, such as police reports, medical records, and witness statements, to support your case.

In addition, your lawyer will calculate the full details of your damages and get you the compensation you deserve. Additionally, they will handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance carriers on your behalf.


Many people find themselves overwhelmed by the legal system after a car accident, but with the right assistance, you can secure your rights and receive the compensation you deserve. From filling out the records to trial preparation and execution of the judgment, a car accident attorney can advise on every step. Don’t lose the chance to obtain the assistance that you deserve. Call a car accident attorney soon after the accident. They have the expertise to take you through this challenging time.

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