Mastering Phom Ta La: Essential Guide for Novices to Pros

Phom Ta La is a quite popular game and is chosen by many people to practice thinking, concentration, memory, etc. Although the way to play Ta La is very simple, many people still do not know what Phom is or how to play it. how. So, the content is below Bookmaker okvip I will share with readers all the information related to the game Phom as well as detailed gameplay for everyone to refer to.

Learn What Is Phom Ta La?

Phom is a game that has been present in our country for a long time and has received a lot of love from everyone. Among them, Ta La is the way to call the South and Phom is the way to call the North. The playing principle of this game is that you try to eat all of other people’s cards or pick beautiful cards to create your Phoms. At the same time, you will also release junk cards that your opponent cannot take to reduce the total number of points in your hand. The final winner is the one with the most Phom.

Terms used in the game Phom Ta La

Similar to other games such as: Tien Len, Sam…, the tense is clear Phom Ta La There’s also a lot of terminology. Below, we will provide commonly used terms in Phom so you don’t get confused while playing:

  • Phom: Sets of 3 or more cards of the same suit have consecutive values ​​or 3 of the same rank.
  • Garbage:The cards do not belong to any Phom and cannot compete with other cards.
  • Ù:If all 9 cards you hold in your hand form 3 Phom (ie there are no trash cards), then you win and win absolutely.
  • Venom: The plants that are left over after being divided enough among youbet The players are called pins, these pieces will be placed in the middle of the table for you to pick in the rounds.
  • Temple: In the last turn, if the next person takes that card and buzzes, the person who played that pin will have to pay money on behalf of the person who took the pin first.
  • Re: After the cards are dealt, if there is someone at the table, the cards that have been played will be changed positions and the bettor is allowed to play one more turn.
  • Send: This is when the previous person has shown their cards, but if the piece in your hand matches their Phom, you have the right to send it to reduce the score.
  • Eating pin:It’s the last turn, play a trash card but someone else takes that card.
  • Mouth:At the end of the game, whoever’s card cannot defeat any Phom is called Mom.

Rules of Playing Phom Ta La

So you have a basic understanding of what Phom is as well as a clear understanding of basic terms. Besides, understanding the rules and regulations of the game will help you easily analyze, find the right moves, strategies and win in this game. Next, we will share the specific Phom betting rules as follows:

  • In each round, if your opponent takes a card, you will lose that card to the player’s hand. If that card is captured on the last turn, you will lose 4 times your bet.
  • If the next person wins 2 of your cards and busts, you will pay money to the whole village.
  • In case the last person takes the previous person’s card, the person who played that card will pay the cards to the remaining loser.
  • During the game, if one person buzzes, the game will end and the others will pay the buzzer’s bet.
  • When the game ends and no one buzzes, everyone will defeat Phom. At this point, everyone will add up the points of the junk cards. Whoever has the lowest score will win.
  • Your card score in case you don’t bust will be equivalent to the value of each card. In which A, J, Q and K will be counted as 1, 11, 12 and 13.
  • If 2 people have the same number of points, the person who plays the card first will win.
  • The player with a toothache will be considered last and the bet will be paid to the first place winner.

The secret to always winning when playing Phom Ta La for new players

If you are a rookie and want to improve your chances of winning the game Phom Ta La Then you need to clearly understand the terms and rules of this game. In addition, newbies can refer to some playing methods used by veteran players and bring results as follows:
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  • Play Card Game

In Phom Ta La, there will be 2 basic ways to sentence: straight sentences and big sentences. To determine the winner or loser of this game, in case of no buzzing, the cards will be compared and points will be calculated. Therefore, if you hold big cards like J, Q and K, your chances of winning are definitely very small. And the secret to playing Phom that experts often use is to play cards, which means they will play all the big cards first.

  • Play Tear Ca

Scraping is also one of the ways to play Phom Ta La applied by many experienced professionals in the profession. However, to do this effectively, it requires players to know how to observe and guess their opponent’s cards to lure them into playing the cards they need.

  • Play Pha Phom

The method of raiding Phom is a way to attract money to capture the opponent’s pawns. This is also a way to play that many people use when they cannot create noise Phom Ta La. If you capture your opponent’s pawn, you will earn a large sum of money. However, you should also be very careful not to be eaten by others, leading to a loss of cards.

Some Notes When Playing Idle

It’s not just about knowing how to playPhom Ta La is enough, to win this game players need to have reasoning, calculation and observation. As follows:

  • Observe

During the process of playing the game Phom Ta La, the most important thing is that new players need to have observation skills to be able to remember all the cards that their opponents have shown. With general observation skills and memorizing the cards will help bettors come up with reasonable playing strategies to bring about victory.

  • Calculate

FightPhom Ta La If you don’t know how to calculate, your winning rate is very low. Therefore, you need to learn how to calculate, review and think about which cards to play to avoid being captured by your opponents. Try to use logical calculations to make the best decision.

  • Deductive

When playing Phom Ta La In addition to observing and calculating, you need to study and practice deductive thinking. If you apply many different ways of playing but still do not bring high efficiency, then you need to figure out which card to play accordingly to avoid being ripped off by your opponent.


With all the information related to the gamePhom Ta La shared in the article, hopefully it has partly helped readers understand the concept and basic gameplay. Although this game is quite simple, you should learn more about how to play and try to use your skills fluently to win. And don’t forget to visit our website regularly to see more great experiences and ways to play other top betting games.

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