International esim for travelling 

Travelling has already become a part of life of most people, because during travelling we get positive emotions, learn a lot of new things, see the beauty of other countries and just relax. But how can we not only feel this atmosphere of travelling ourselves, but also share it with family, friends, and relatives? Nowadays, there are many ways to stay in touch during long journeys to other countries, and one of them is to connect international esim. 

What is esim? 

eSIM is a SIM card inside the device, it allows you to connect to the Internet, make calls, send SMS messages. It cannot be taken out of the phone, as it is soldered into the motherboard of the device. To connect esim you need to download the application and there select Data Plans, talk time and other nuances of tariffs. 

What options are there for connecting abroad?

  1. Roaming. The cost of connection and usage can be very high, especially if you plan to make calls and use mobile internet in another country. 
  2. Local operator sim card. In some countries you can buy a sim card of a local operator, the cost varies from $2 to $35. However, remember, in some countries it is impossible to buy prepaid SIM cards, and to get a regular SIM card you need to show your local ID documents. 
  3. International esim. With esim you will be able to use communication services, connect services, use mobile internet at low prices. Also, with a virtual sim card you can buy a mobile number not for a specific country, but a sim card that will work in several countries. 

Advantages of using international esim

Despite the above-mentioned methods of communication abroad, a virtual SIM card is still more attractive both in terms of price and convenience of connection. Let’s have a look at the advantages of using esim. 

  1. Ease of connection. To connect a physical SIM card you need to go to the office of the mobile operator, wait for registration, sign documents, share personal data. This option is not always successful: in some countries you will need to provide documents, or you simply do not have time to look for the office of the mobile operator. Esim connects in just a few minutes, you don’t need to leave the house, and you can connect everything in advance, even before travelling. 
  2. Security. Here we mean both physical security of the sim card and protection of your data from fraudsters. Virtual sim card is a chip, so it is impossible to take it out of the device. Therefore, your sim card will always be safe from theft, replacement, corrosion and other damage that can happen to physical variants of sim cards. Also, esim does not allow the theft of your personal data, so fraudsters will not be able to use the card if they want to move it to another device. 
  3. Functionality. On one virtual card chip, you can record several numbers, which simplifies the process of card selection and gives you the opportunity to connect cards of several countries at once. Simple SIM card settings will allow you to choose all available functions of your card, for example, you can connect the card only for calls or only for SMS messages, or you can choose a tariff that includes GB mobile internet. 

Thus, that virtual card or Esim is a simple, convenient, modern and cheap way to connect communication while travelling to different countries. The undeniable advantage of esim is that you can issue a card not for a specific country but for example a continent. If you are planning a trip to another country, you should look at a virtual sim card. However, you should also pay attention to the fact that the chip in your smartphone for connecting a virtual SIM card is not yet built into every smartphone. Therefore, find out in advance whether your device supports this function.

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