How to convert PPT to PDF online?

Presentations are quite often used in a variety of human activities, most often they are made with the help of PowerPoint. It allows you to include photos, pictures, graphs, diagrams, audio and video files in your presentation. In addition, this program enables you to work with the information that is shown on the screen. Since 2007, users have been able to get a more advanced version, which is called PPTX. This format makes it possible to work with the file not only by one person but also by a group of people.

Presentations created in this way are perfectly supported on devices of various types, but quite often it is necessary to convert PPT to PDF. Converting such a procedure is not difficult, the main thing is to choose the right document editor. This will not only protect the document, but will also make it much easier to translate or print it if it is necessary.

Why Convert PPT Documents to PDF

Presentations and other documents can be used on different devices, so if a presentation, advertisement, magazine or book needs to be put online and it is not clear from which devices users will access it, it is best to play it safe and turn powerpoint to PDF. Such a procedure will not take much time and the creator will be able to be confident in the general accessibility of the document to all comers and its protection from unwanted interference in the form of unwanted changes in text or images.

In addition, there are many advantages to using this document format:

  1. Documents in this format can easily be sent by email.
  2. It opens perfectly automatically in any browser.
  3. Such a document is in image format, so outsiders will not be able to edit it.
  4. It is supported on all software platforms, so you can view it from your tablet, laptop, computer or even phone.
  5. PDF files are very small and do not overload the RAM of your device.
  6. The program supports the digital signature function.
  7. On the contrary, if there is a need to collaborate on a document, it is worth leaving it in the PowerPoint format. It is possible to edit documents, which have been converted to this format (convert PDF to QR code), one just needs to get acquainted with the necessary editor. This means that even after transforming a document into a QR code, it is still editable provided you have the appropriate editing software.

All of the above advantages make this document format very convenient for businesses, students, insurers and others who regularly encounter large amounts of documentation.

How to Edit Documents in PDF

Convert PPTX to PDF is not difficult, but you will need to work with a document in this format, so you should choose a reliable software such as PDFPlatform to do the job quickly and cost-effectively.

With our editor you can easily perform the following operations on documents in this format:

  1. Merge documents into one, without compromising their original quality.
  2. Separate files if they are large, which is great for working with individual sections of a document, and makes it easier to share and make changes.
  3. If you need to reduce the size of your document but still retain its full meaning, you can also use our editor.
  4. It is very convenient, using the editor from Pandadoc, to change the format of a document from PDF to any other format and back again.
  5. Documents made in this format can be electronically signed.
  6. It is possible to insert parts of a file or any images into a document. There is a possibility of quick editing.
  7. You can convert PNG, Tiff, JPG, PNG, HEIC documents to PDF.
  8. In addition, using the editor allows you to delete, rearrange or unfold pages.
  9. You can also turn animations into static images using the editor. Furthermore, the document is fully protected and can be shared quite safely with others.

Basic Operation of the Editor

File editors are easy to work with, no special skills are required and you should follow these steps to complete the document:

  • Select an operation in the application to read the PDF files.
  • The file needs to be downloaded from the local drive.
  • Work with the document.
  • Save the changes and upload the modified document to disk.

Using a PDF tool allows you to create electronic forms and fill them out online, sign documents remotely, convert from one format to another and back again, make changes and save them. It is worth pointing out that there are free software programs for PDF. This document format is supported by browsers, making it possible to work with it even with an ordinary Android smartphone.

Why Choose PandaDoc

The famous document service makes it easy to convert different types of files. There are many useful tools that make complex tasks much easier. You can use ready-made business templates or you can create them yourself to make your documents easier to work with. All data will be stored in the cloud and no one will have access to it unless the owner grants access. This way you can work with documents and files from anywhere and do not have to go somewhere to sign, create or transfer them. After all, with Pandadoc, all this will be available online.

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